Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Tiny house

Welcome Youtubers! Our channel has evolved since we started and continues to do so as it grows. Originally, we started with showcasing our off the grid tiny house build and then started to expanded our content. This play list is ALL OF OUR TINY HOUSE VIDEOS!!! Sit back, grab some popcorn and binge like your on Netflix! Our channel has evolved into an outdoors enthusiast channel, with focus on preparedness and self-sustainability, so when your done with these, pop over smash that subscribe button and enjoy the rest of our content. We have all the videos categorized, by genre, in playlists to make it easier for you to follow the content that you are most interested in learning more about. Content ranges from: tiny house tours, DIY, fishing, prepping, solar power, product and gear reviews, metal detecting, kayaking, cooking and wild edibles. We respond to every comment and sometimes make viewer suggested videos! So, please: comment, subscribe, hit that lil bell and join us on this journey! Thanks for watching! - Jon & Charles

Dickinson Wood Stove install into a tiny house

In this collection of 6 videos we show you the process we took installing the Dickinson Newport Solid fuel wood stove into our micro tiny cabin. Dickinson has many versions of their heaters for example; Diesel Fuel heaters, Propane heater and the Solid Fuel heaters. We elected the solid fuel heater because we wanted to be completely off grid. The video series covers the problems we ran into, our creative solutions and modifications. Subscribe because more comprehensive overviews will be coming in the future such as; what solid fuels work best, the how to's of how the stove works and more modifications are sure to come as our off the grid tiny house is ever changing. Thanks again for watching and hitting that subscribe button!

Monday, January 8, 2018

How To Tie an Adams Dry Fly Variant

In this video Charles ties a variation to an age old classic dry fly, the Adams.

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Finishing the Dickinson wood stove, walls, solar mods and more.

Rising the walls, framing the windows and finishing off the wood stove! In this video Jon and Charles head down to the cabin for a weekend getaway. With a much needed break from St. Louis city life they needed an escape from the craziness going on. Although, the break from the city was needed most of this trip was spend completing long overdue work on the cabin. They got the last 4 panels of the walls up and the windows framed out. They shimmed the Dickinson Newport Solid fuel stove off the wall and added some flashing behind it. They also moved the battery bank out of the cabin and put it under the tiny house. While working on the solar system they discovered the Harbor Freight system had failed and fried. They decided to just un hook the system and solely run their Renogy system. This was a prime example of why it’s a good idea to have your solar system split into two systems because if something break, which it will, you are not reliant on the generator for the entire weekend. If you want to check out the entire stove install process check out these videos
Dickinson Chimney fix random edit
Dickinson wood stove part 4
Dickinson wood stove part 3
Dickinson wood stove part 2
Dickinson wood stove part 1

Monday, January 1, 2018

Building a teepee at the tiny house!

In this video Charles and Jon decided to get out of the city for a few days to bring in the new year off the grid. Over the weekend they started construction of a 15 foot Teepee, tested out their new cooker, played cards, danced, made a bonfire and did what boys will do when left to themselves in the woods..

Sunday, December 17, 2017

Vacuum sealing ammunition and guns for long term storage

Vacuum sealing ammunition and firearms. In this video Charles takes a moment to talk about an, easy, affordable and added measure you can take to ensure an extra level of protection for you prepping investment. **We are not held responsible for upset wives when you  hijack her favorite kitchen gadget!** Vac packing ammo and firearms is a great way to protect your investment for long term storage, for field use or SHTF storage situations. It will keep your ammo air and water tight so that you can have extra piece of mind that your ammo will stay dry and protected. Some folks argue that modern day ammo can sit on the shelf for 25 years or more… That’s great, and probably true, but that is not what we are talking about. If it were, I then ask you, why does the military also vac pack ammo in battle packs? Are we gonna be running off to the front lines or be a masterful zombie slayer, probably not. What vac packing does ensures that you can keep ammo dry in your: back packs, boat, buried cashes, in your safe or ammo can and dry in your basement. Floods happen, rain happens, people drop things off boats, humidity happens etc etc. We hope you find this little survival hack useful and we would love to hear of any creative uses you may have come up with using a vac pack machine. Leave a comment of some of the items you have vac packed!

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Backpacking fishing rod from amazon and trout secrets!

In this video Charles test out his new backpacking fishing rod that he bought on amazon. It is one of those unfamiliar brands, probably mass produced in china affordable a ridiculous cheap price. The brand is called Supertrip. He has the rod rigged with a Pflueger Summit reel and 4 pound mono. The bait are pink and white mice tails, or as some call, an egg sucking leech pattern. During the testing of this combo Charles gives away his secret tip on fishing high pressured trout parks. Using the trick he describes in the video you will catch about 80 percent more fish than anyone else on the lake that day. It is simple, cheap and effective at putting rainbow trout into your net! We hope you enjoy the video and subscribe to check out our Tiny House, fishing, kayaking, prepping and other adventures!