Monday, February 18, 2019

Thriftin 2: The Inevitable Sequel!

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Thrifting 2: The Inevitable Sequel. In this video Charles and Jon brave the harsh weather conditions of the sub-arctic climate of the Midwest to bring you treasures from a mid-century modern time that was lost and forgotten. Their journey begins sifting through aisles of dust and decay to find that one shiny object they cannot live without. After all, who doesn’t like shiny things? Right? After hours of treasure hunting Jon and Charles decide they need sustenance and make do for a 5-star dinning experience. After their four-course meal they muster up their antiquities and head to their booth of treasures at the Manhattan Antique Market Place, booth 814. This is where the relics will last until discovered by someone who can take the time to appreciate the history of the item that another individual perceived as lack luster junk. If you missed our last adventure when we discovered a lot of the stuff in our booth check out this video,
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Sunday, February 10, 2019

Thrift Store Finds and Flips: Finding Unwanted Treasures

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In this video, Charles and Jon are filling their time, and wallets, by hunting for the latest thrift store relic they can find to turn into profit. One of the many ways the boys help finance their off grid tiny house is by having a hobby that is also a lucrative side venture. Follow Charles and Jon on their adventure as they scavenge the vast regions of the concrete treasure troves of suburbia.

Saturday, January 5, 2019

Heating and cooling from Menards: I broke down and bought insulation for...

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In this video Charles takes a trip down to Menards to see what is to see in the way of wood burning stove supplies, tiny house heating options and insulation. This past weekend Jon and Princess Frostbite froze their frosty bits off down at the cabin. The real question is, is the Dickinson solid fuel stove just not capable of heating 120 square feet with out over heating the stove? Or, will insulating the ceiling and floor make that much of a difference that the micro tiny stove will keep Our Tiny Cabin Project nice and toasty in the winters to come.... we shall see!

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Charcoal in the Dickinson heater: Fall at the tiny house

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In this video Charles talks about the Dickinson Newport
solid fuel heater. This is a  multi-fuel
stove that can burn wood, pellets, presto logs, coal and yes charcoal to heat
up small spaces. Originally designed for luxury boats Dickinson slowly has been
carving a niche into the tiny house community. Jon and Charles did not like the
idea of propane as a fuel source but were very interested in the renewable
energy possibilities that were provided by this unique, micro wood stove. Also,
in the video Charles does some scouting around the property to make way for
fall activates and prospect new areas that could prove well for mother nature
to provide. If you have not already look at the entire inhalation series of the
Dickinson stove or feel free to binge watch Charles and Jon convert a small
shed into an affordable, off the grid, micro tiny home. Hidden off in the boot
hills of the Missouri Ozarks, you know its going to be an adventure.     

Friday, August 3, 2018

Weather proof Walmart tent?

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   Rain proofing a Walmart tent. In this video Jon and Charles take a few moments to show you how to put up the Ozark Trail Tipi tent and how to weather proof it. Weather proofing a tent is a great idea to extend the seasonal use and its overall life as well. The sealer adds a layer of UV protection to the tent, besides just protecting you and your gear from the elements. A couple cans of scotch guard can easily put any cheap tent up in the league of those high dollar name brand ones... Well maybe not, but for the price, ya cant complain.

If your considering getting this tent for a holiday gift or birthday present for a loved one who is an outdoors enthusiast, you can check out our comprehensive look at the tent here
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Monday, July 23, 2018

8x16' tiny house: TOTALLY OFF GRID!

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A micro tiny house, totally off the grid. In this episode Jon and Charles have recovered from their series of unfortunate events and have finally made it back down to their micro tiny house located on top of an Ozark mountain. When they arrived to their cabin, in an undisclosed location, they find out that they have some unwanted house guests that need to be dealt with. Charles also does a quick walk around to check to see how the recent work they had done is holding up. Most importantly was to see if their off grid water experiment worked out or failed