Friday, December 25, 2015

A tiny house sink

For a while now, Charles and I have been trying to figure out what we are going to do for a perminant sink in our tiny cabin. At the moment we have a cool little water canister with a spicked and a small (really too small) wood bowl. Shown below
While this was a cute idea, its lacking the practicality of a mounted sink with the ability to drain. We actually have to carry and dump the bowl outside after every use, and with it being wood, it is now leaking. 
     Anyhow, we were out the other day, browsing one of our local thrift stores when we stumbled apon a great find (were thrifty lick that). What set before us, covered in dust, was an old enamel kitchen set. It came with 1 really large bowl, 4 small soup bowls, a bread loaf pan, and a baking pan (like for lasigna, etc). Heres the picture of them cleaned up...
Pretty neat right? Well anyway, the great idea we have is to use the large bowl for the kitchen sink! It will be perfect as the bowls and baking wear will match! Heres a look at how deep that large bowl is...
The process of turning this into a sink will actually be very simple, especially since the bowl isnt a breakable hard-to-work-with material like glass.
     The first thing we will do is place the bowl on the kitchen counter to find the perfect apot for it to live. After that, we'll flip the bowl and trace the circle onto the counter. We'll take measurements to account for the rim of the bowl and then cut the hole in the counter to make it flush mounted. Before we mount it thi, we will cut another hole into the bottom of the bowl itself the attach the drain and hose. The last thing to do will be to mount it in and use some sort of silicone sealant to glue and water-safe the connected area. And BAMM! For $13.00 we have a beautiful sink which could have ended up costing hundreds to install. I borrowed some pictures of sililar ideas from online to help give a better idea of what can be done with a simple bowl
Now ofcourse these were mounted ontop instead of being inset into the counter, but you get the idea. 
     I will be publishing pictures of the finished product very soon. If you liked this idea and wish to see more of our tiny cabin, please swing by and check out our youtube videos at this link Thanks for taken time to read our tiny cabins blog!

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