Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Dickinson wood burning stove

IA while back, while thinking about possable heating solutions for our tiny cabin durring the winter months, we stumbled on the dickinson products. These options are wonderful because they dont eat up space, they heat relativly large spaces, and the price is pretty affordable on a poor mans budjet. There are many options to choose from including propane fuled stove, but the one we picked, i believe is the best. 
This is the solid fuel Dickinson stove. It burns wood, charcoal, and the popular presto logs which can be purchased at any walmart or walgreens in town. The thing i love about this is that, with us being in the middle of the woods, it is free to heat our cabin for ever. As the pic above shows, ours is not yet hooked up the the exhaust, that will be our next trip out. I however did place 2 small candles inside and suprisingly, they kicked out a bit of heat. Her are some more pictures of what the stove looks like hooked up...
Another option i bet people havnt thought of is that a small denatured alcohol insert can be placed inside for some nice mood lighting and back up heat if for some reason you manage to run out of wood. For more information and to check out our tiny cabin videos on youtube, go to http://youtu.be/TjK3p6JqLrY thank you for visiting!

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