Tuesday, December 22, 2015

The start

A little under a year ago, me and Charles were watching youtube and stumbled across one of the tiny house videos. The moment it started playing and the camera spun around inside that tiny house, we both feel in love. After 2 days of searching craigslist, we found some beautiful property out in the ozarks of Missouri. We purchased it the day we drove out and saw it. No more than three weeks later we had a tiny shell (basically a shed) dropped off onto the land. Since that day, we have utilized every weekend available to go out and do a little something to finish our tiny cabin. We have come a very long way but we also still have a lot to do. With that said, we welcome you to join us on that journey. Please check out our youtube videos to see tours and how to's on the DIY projects we do and follow this blog for all of our brainstorming ideas and achievements. You can easily find our youtube Chanel
at this link ➡️https://youtu.be/TjK3p6JqLrY

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