Thursday, October 27, 2016

How to go Tiny for CHEAP|Converting a prefab shelter into a tiny house

     About a year ago, my husband and I became fascinated by the tiny house movement. We loved the idea of down-sizing and living off the grid. What we didn't love, however, was the high price on buying or building costs for most tiny houses. The cheapest one that we were able to find was $25,000.00. For some people that's not a lot of money, but for many, such as our selves, its a lot.
     My husband and I took matters into our own hands and decided to buy some property. We bought a prefab shelter, and started to turn it into the tiny house of our dreams. My husband found a great deal on some land in the Ozarks of Missouri. We scored 3 acres for under $1000.00. We then, ordered a prefab barn style shed for $3000.00. We are able to make monthly payments, so it wasn't  more than 300 dollars down!
tiny house, tiny cabin, cabin in the woods, tiny house delivery, off grid tiny house, how to convert a prefab shelter into a tiny house
The day our cabin was delivered!
     Once we got the land, and the prefab shelter delivered, the fun and learning began!
     When we first got the shelter, that's all it was, a shelter. It was hard to imagine what we could accomplish with bare bones, four walls and roof. We had no electricity, no plumbing, no insulation,  it was just a fancy box. The experience has been amazing and we have learned so much.

lantern, off grid, camping, cabin, cabin in the woods, tiny house, tinyhouse, rustic, country
The first night with a single lantern.

The raw exposed walls.

We spent our first weekend in the cabin with a lantern and a denatured alcohol fireplace. It was cold and creepy, but it was also amazing. Spending the night with my husband and our husky, all snuggled up under the covers was the mark of the beginning of something tiny and great.
     After that first weekend, we immediately started devising a plan and setting it into motion. One of the first projects we started on was putting up the walls. We choose solid birch plywood planks. We decided not to use insulation because the cabin is so small, we don't want it completely air tight, for safety reasons. So far, we've gotten most of the walls up, but still need to frame out the windows.
     The next project was finishing the flooring. We got some beautiful cherry wood laminate flooring, on sale, and covered up the cheap plywood sub floor.

     After the walls and the flooring, we decided the next step was some sort of kitchen counter and shelves. We found some old wood pallets and re purposed them to be the fascia for the kitchen counter and a matching shelf to mount on the wall above. We also purchased a spigot water canister and are using an old enamel bowel for the kitchen sink.

off grid tiny house, off grid tiny cabin, cabin in the woods, cabin, water, repurposed wood pallets, repurposed wood, reclaimed wood, tiny house interior
The completed kitchen counter and shelving.

     The most important aspect of making this tiny house work, however, is the solar power! We started out with a cheap solar power kit by Harbor Freight. The kit was $130.00 and included 45wats of solar panels, 2 lights, and a charge controller. We purchased 2 deep cycle batteries to store power and eventually added a Renogy 100watt solar panel. This solar power set up is enough to fuel our lights, television, crock pot, and charge our electronic devices.

     The photograph to the left shows the Renogy 100wat solar panel, on the back of the cabin. You can also see the 45 Watt solar panels mounted on the top left side of the roof.

     The photograph on the right shows Charles talking about the charge controller and the wiring that we have temporarily set up.
     We also have a generator wired to a standard 120v plug that is mounted on the wall. We use this for higher capacity devices: like the air conditioning,a electric cook top or to top off our battery bank.

     On one of our latest trips out to the tiny cabin, we installed a loft window. The cabin did not come with loft windows and we decided that one would let in more fresh air and serve as a safety exit.
New loft window with polar bear pillows.
     We've added a lot of cute and comfortable thing to make this off grid tiny cabin feel more like home. One of our finds including a tiny house couch that we found at the thrift store for $10.00.  Cute cabin decor, art from our friend Derek Diedrickson, and a lot more.
Frostbite trying to sleep on HER couch.
      Solar powered television and an electric fireplace.
     And everything we added to the outside...

     As you can see, it is possible to convert a prefab shelter into a tiny house. Whats best is how affordable and manageable it actually is. In all, we probably have around $10,000.00 into our tiny cabin in the woods. What is important to understand is that we didn't spend this amount all at once, it has accumulated over time with every project. For us, it has been very manageable and even more enjoyable to work on this project , rather than just having one built. We still have to finish the ceiling, some walls, add to the solar and make an indoor/outdoor bathroom. We are going to take our sweet time and hope that you will enjoy watching each advancement to completion! Please subscribe to our youtube channel and watch the rest of the journey and if ya have a moment check out our other content!
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Saturday, April 30, 2016

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Tiny house weekend vacation

                   Here is a quick video post of our stay at the tiny house this weekend.

     Charles and I stayed for a short visit this time at our tiny house in the ozarks of Missouri. We spent one night and two days. This trip was simply to get away; to get out of the city and away from the drama to enjoy the summer weather. We played around with starting a camp fire using a magnesium fire starter and hung a hammock in the woods. We made sure to head down to Black river and get in some fishing! Charles caught a huge walleye and I caught a nice orange eyed bass. I should also mention that our husky (frostbite) enjoyed her stay as well. she got to play in the woods and mark her territory, she and we ate the fish Charles caught (she loved it), and she got to relax in her favorite spot in the world! Even tho it was a short stay, the sun and activities whipped us out! We were exhausted on the way home and had to fight to keep each other awake. This was a fun little tiny house week end!
     To see all of our other you tube video including tiny house walk throughs, alternative heating, solar power, and more go to our you tube channel.
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Monday, April 25, 2016

Review of the Champion generator 1500 and 4000 watt

                                            The Champion Generator
For purchase details click here
     One of the first major investment that Charles and I made when we first started our off grid tiny house was the Champion 1500 watt generator. So, in this review, I'll be talking about the results we get from the 1500 model and what you can expect from the 4000.
     Ill start with Durability. This thing is a beast! We have had this generator for almost 2 years and used it almost every weekend in that 2 years. Its been banged around, lugged from tiny house to city house, and run dry over and over. The spark plugs have yet to be changed and we haven't bothered with cleaning the filter. We have pretty much treated this thing like crap! But, despite our abuse and neglect, it continues to run like a champ and power almost all of our tiny house needs when solar isn't enough!
     Power tools are easy for the Champion 1500 to run, we've used many of them. We have ran circular saws, jig saws, drills, shop vacs, sanders, and a lot more while doing construction on the tiny house, and we haven't found 1 that the Champion couldn't handle. Were at the point now, however, where construction isn't the MAIN thing were using the generator for. We've come to the point where, although construction isn't done, were spending more time hanging out and enjoying the small space. The Champion powers our window air conditioning unit and runs a trickle charger for the batteries during cloudy days. The 1500 watt gives 4-5 hours of air conditioning on a single tank, its safe to say that the 4000 probably doubles that.
     On noise level, this ones pretty quiet. If your standing right next to it, its loud of course, but 15 feet away reduces to a light background hum, and inside the house isn't heard. A tip; If you can find a cheap dog house craigslist or build one your self, it makes the perfect tiny tiny generator house and reduces noise level even more.
     For the low cost and portability of this generator, it has surely won us over and continues to deliver!
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Nature power portable 40 watt solar panel review

Nature power portable 40 watt solar panel review

tiny house solar panel review
Click here for product details
 You have seen this product in many of our you tube videos and that's because we love it. Especially when we first started our tiny cabin/tiny house project and didn't have any electricity, we relied on products like these to get us by.
     Nature power has both a 40 watt and an 80 watt foldable panel, ours is the 40 watt. The panel is supper thin and the 5 sections fold together allowing for easy storage in most bags or to carry by its self.
     Its water Proof so that you don't have to worry about sitting it in a small puddle and has plug-and-play connectors to make it easy for any one to use.
     This solar panel is fully capable of charging phones, tablets, laptop computers and other small devices like e-cigarettes which I use a lot!!
     Now that our cabin is set up with solar power of its own, we no longer rely on it for life or death, but we still use it every time we go to the cabin. It also comes with us any time we go fishing, backpacking or camping to make sure our phones, GPS, and e-ciggs never die! (Maybe it is still life and death).
     We also use this in conjunction with a portable battery/fuel bank to insure multiple sources of power. We will do a review on the fuel bank in a future post. If you would like to see our progress on our tiny house (The Classy ShackClick HERE. Thanks again for reading and click the google followers button to your right to stay up to date with our tiny cabin project!

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Tiny house sex; The good, the bad, and the hilarious part of tiny house sex (NSFW) 18+

Tiny house... SEX!
     We spend a lot of time talking about tiny house design, how to organize furniture and clothes, how to store food and how to function off the grid. Very seldom do we talk about whats really going on in our tiny homes... What really happens in your tiny home behind closed doors? Do you spend all your time organizing and setting up picture perfect scenery? I think not. You get board, you get hot, and lets face it, you get horny and you get it on! there's nothing to be ashamed of, we all do... Or at least we should. In this article were going to talk about having tiny house SEX, with all the facts including the awkward moments and downright funny situations we get our self's into when no one else is watching.
     The good, the bad, and the hilarious part of tiny house sex
     So its the end of the night; you both have just had a good days work, worked on your solar set up or harvested some greens from the garden. Next, you have had some hot tea and watched a scary movie, but it started to get late so you moved up to the loft. Lets just say you planed on going to bed but that did not happen. You end up snuggled up against each other and are caught in the moment... This can be really romantic, in your cozy tiny space, maybe with a moon roof so you can see the stars above you or some really awesome mood lighting. Very romantic, that is, until one of you gets carried away and smashes a head against the roof! This may sound crazy to some of you but, if your a tiny house owner, this is reality and a part of the beauty that comes with such a small package (that being the house ;)          .............................................................Check out our t-shirts for sale!!!
    Loft sex: so there's only a couple good positions that'll work in the loft. Remember, you might have only 4 feet of height or less till you hit the roof. Doggy style is not going to work, you may be bent over but he's on his knees, one look up and hes a goner. And forget about any kind of riding position or you'll be in the same predicament, hitting you head against the roof above you. In the loft, your best bet is going to be a spooning position either facing or opposite, I have found that on a thinner mattress its easier to do some hip thrusting movements (TMI?) and your not going to run into any problems with height. Another position that works well is being on your tummy with him on top or the classic on your back position which allows for eye contact and kissing. I suggest tho, if you doing it loft style, to stay away from the ledge. The last thing you need is to fall off and break your butt! But enough with the funny scenarios, lets think about making it work and using every square foot of your space.
     The loft is not the only place! Ever hear that saying 'change it up' or 'get out of the bedroom'? The same thing goes for tiny house sex. Try getting out of that crowded loft and discovering some other useful areas of your tiny home. The first best place would be your tiny house couch. This will give you and your partner many opportunities to play around with different position. Just make sure that if your couch is on wheels or sliders that is is locked into place, so that you don't go sliding across the living room. Because the space is more open and you probably have plenty of head room, standing positions and doggy style will work out great and you'll have more cushion for your tush! .........................................................................We have sexy DUDE shirts too!

Our Tiny Cabin Project T-shirt
Our Tiny Cabin Project T-shirt by OurTinyCabinProject
Put your picture on t shirt designs at
     Keep it clean... I don't know about you, but i have always enjoyed that surprise in the shower. If you think about it, its a great feeling knowing that your fresh and clean. You have no anxiety about any weird smells or if you'll be able to get out of them skinny jeans. Make use of shower time to unwind and get your partner clean with you. I wont spell out the rest!
     Multi purpose furniture
Another great thing about tiny house life is that you probably have movable furniture and removable cushions and pillows. It might be a great idea to take those couch cushions and make a bed of your living room floor. This part doesn't just have to be for sex either. Make a romantic movie night by the fireplace with some bubbly drinks and chocolate strawberries. Watch a good movie and enjoy each others time, because the tiny house will bring you closer together!
     Some additional thoughts...
Because our tiny house is on private property in the woods, we have expanded our 'discovering' beyond the tiny house. We've played with the porch and have also hung a hammock near the fire on a cool summer night. Now, this part is completely up to you but if your in a regular neighborhood or have close neighbors, I'd probably shy away from that idea, but if not, the possibilities are endless!
     Well, there you have it... Tiny house sex!
Comment below and let us know what you thought of this particular article and feel free to share any of you embarrassing tiny house sex stories, if your partner will let you. If you haven't, make sure to follow this blog for the many more discussions we have on way and check out our you tube channel HERE. Until next time, have fun and stay tiny!
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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Tiny house cooking; Jon's home fried catfish recipe.

     About a year and a half ago, Charles and I really started getting back into fishing. We started with bass, using plastic and rubber lures... Then went to crappie, using power bait and worms... But I was feeling the desire to catch something BIG and that would put up a hell of a fight... That's when i found my love for cat fishing! Its a great lazy guy sport that still requires talent. You simply find the best bait and the best type of rig and pole to use, throw your bait in and sit back and wait for the strike! The beauty of cat fishing is that it really pays off and puts some tasty food on the table. Don't get me wrong, I love animals but I also am not afraid to use the resources I have available to live. On the first good fishing night that we had, me and Charles caught around 6 or 7 good sized catfish between us. I found an old recipe from my mom and modified it to add my own signature to fried catfish. Here is the recipe I give to you!
     Ingredients: *Cat fish nuggets or fillets (4-10 pounds depending on how many guest your frying for)
tiny house cooking*3 cups white flour                             *1 cup yellow corn meal
*3 tablespoons pepper medley
*3 tablespoons salt
*1 1/2-2 tablespoons creole seasonings
*2 tablespoons Italian seasonings
*2 tablespoons sugar (I use sugar for a slight sweetness but did not use it in this video do to some family members being diabetic)

*2 cups milk (for milk bath)
*salt&pepper 1 tablespoon each

     In a large plastic container, mix flour, corn meal, pepper, salt, creole seasoning, Italian seasoning, and sugar together until evenly mixed.
     In a separate large bowl, add 2 cups of milk and your salt and pepper, whisk together.
     Add you catfish nuggets to the milk, making sure all pieces are evenly covered. You may have to do 2 batches. Let the fish soak for 5 minutes in the milk bath.
     You'll want to move the fish directly from the milk to the batter, evenly coating and flipping the fish in the batter. Make sure to press the batter firmly into the fish, leaving no raw fish exposed. Set aside.

tinyhouse cooking, how to fry cat fishCooking instructions:   In a large skillet, pour 2" depth of oil. Heat oil to 365 degrees which is the perfect frying temperature.
     Once your oil is heated and ready, you will want to add your batter cat fish, 1 piece at a time. The fish should begin to fry the second it hits the oil. Don't be afraid to fill the pan, so long as you have room to flip.
     Flip fish frequently, every 3 minutes or so, until golden brown.

tiny house cooking, how to fry cat fish
Chances are, you will have several batches to fry. Feel free to add new pieces to the pan as you remove the other. This will make the process move much faster, rather than waiting for the pan to empty.
     As you remove cooked pieces, place them on a large platter, cover with paper towels to absorb any access oils.
     There you have it, you just fried the best cat fish in town! Invite you friends and enjoy!!!

     Below is a 6 minute instructional video which shows my whole process of preparing the batter and frying the fish. Please take a moment to watch the video if you have any questions.

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Saturday, April 9, 2016

Tiny house movement: What the small house movement means for real people.

What is the tiny house movement?
     In the past few years, the tiny house craze has been sweeping the internet with endless photographs of beautiful tiny homes, tiny houses on wheels and even immaculate tree houses built for tiny kings. The movement it self has become hugely popular do to all the social media coverage, news articles and popular TV series such as tiny house builders. You may ask your self why? Why are these tiny homes so popular? Whats the big deal, and why would someone want to live in such a tiny space? Explaining the tiny house movement will provide the answers to all of these questions you may have and more...
     Many people describe the movement as a social movement designed to downsize ones lifestyle and material belongings. While this statement is true, its rather broad and still leaves many questions, especially to those who aren't yet involved in the tiny house lifestyle. So, instead of providing a dictionary definition, I will just tell you why we are going tiny and what the movement is for us. 
     Going tiny forces you to rid yourself of all the unnecessary material crap that consumes your life. It forces you to make the decision of throwing away or donating things that you haven't touched in 6 months. At first, its really difficult to do, but afterwords you realize how materialistic any one of us can become. Getting rid of the crap frees more space for more important things like love, time, true hobbies and creativity.
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Our tiny house in Missouri
     Going tiny is also great for saving money! Especially if you set up off the grid with things such as solar power and rain collection, your literally cutting out the electric, gas, and water bill; allowing you to save and invest that money elsewhere. Speaking of saving money... The initial tiny house investment can be anywhere from 15-50 thousand dollars depending on the size, style, and materials used to build. Some of you may think that's a lot of money but when you really think about it you'll realize that there's no mortgage, many fewer bills, and (despite popular belief ) tiny houses are built to last just as long if not longer than your traditional home. 
     Considering the average size of a tiny house is usually around 120 square feet, your money and time can be spent focusing on the design and aesthetic of the house and the quality of the materials used, rather than the size. Tiny homes are built specifically for the owner, which means that it doesn't have to bee an all wood interior or be made completely from recycled materials, its yours so it can be made any way you want it to.
     For most people tho, the biggest concern is the space! Can you really share 120 square feet with your spouse or even family? We do! Charles and I have found that are relationship is strong. We manage to fully enjoy each others time and space, and we share it with our husky! The real space is when we have more time to get outside and do the things we love to do so much, like fishing or floating on the river, walking the woods and playing with the dog out side. Living tiny actually encourages a healthier lifestyle. Instead of sitting inside watching television all day, you get out of the house and spend more time in nature!
     So for us, the tiny house movement is a better lifestyle choice. It is downgrading the size of our home, downgrading the cost of keeping it running (including the cost of repairs and upkeep), becoming more mindful of our impact on the environment, living in style and class (not size), giving our self's more time to travel and spend outdoors, and most importantly becoming more spiritual and less material beings.
It may not be for everyone, but it is right for us!

Our current tiny home is a barn or gambrel style tiny home, set on a cinder-block foundation. The current size is 116 square feet but we are in the process of constructing a small add on which will bump it up to about 125 square feet. We have solar power along with a hook up for a generator encase we ever need it. We are also deciding on how to do a rain collection and filtration system for plumbing. Our journey started out with being prepared and having a place that is completely self-sustainable with no reliance on the grid. you can view our video walk through HERE.

Friday, April 1, 2016

Tiny house cooking: Home made pizza night

     This is the second video so far for our tiny house cooking series. In this video, Jon shows us how to make 2 large or 4-5 small home made pizzas on a budget!
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This is a simple to prepare and quick pizza recipe.
*1 large tomatoes
*1/2 large red onion
*1 package portabella mushrooms
*1 small package of triple cheddar cheese
*24 ounces of Italian sausage (i find that breaking up breakfast sausage is cheaper, almost half the price).
*2 large or 4-5 small pre made pizza shells
*1 can tomato sauce
Total cost = Less than 20 bucks!
Follow the short video above for simple instructions.

How to tie a czech nymph fly

Charles has been experimenting with many types of flies and in many different varients. The czech nymph has by far been one of my favorites...
Charles's latest Czech nymph variant.

Below is his newest video on you tube, tying this exact fly. Please watch and enjoy!!!

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How to tie the flies!

     Me and Charles have been mentioning for a while now that we're going to get him making fly tying videos for our you tube channel. I am happy to announce that we have made this happen! our you tube channel is developing a solid direction and variety that will include *tiny cabin updates and DIY projects, *fly tying videos by Charles Mooneyham, and *tiny house cooking by Jon Ross-Mooneyham. Below is one of our first fly tying videos, Please enjoy!

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Saturday, March 26, 2016

Tiny house tour: 4 days in our tiny cabin in the woods

Last weekend, Charles and I went down to the cabin for 4 days as a pre-summer visit. We've gotten the cabin to the point where its actually comfortable to stay in for longer periods of time (remember, we are still in the process of finishing the interior). 
During our stay, we completed several projects. We took out the "L" shape of the kitchen counter and instead, stretched it across the back wall. This actually provides much more counter space and opens the space up, making it more inviting and cozy. We also FINALLY in-set the kitchen sink which is a re-purposed enamel bowl that we found at a thrift store, we've discussed it in this blog article. To finish off the basics of the kitchen area, Charles cut and installed really cool slate slabs for the cook top area to provide fire safety and also for just how awesome it looks!

Before we go any further, please take a minute to watch our video below. It show cases every project we got done and has some really cool fishing footage. Just click play!!


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In between all of our kitchen projects, we spent our time watching movies on the mac-book, which was powered totally off solar energy. We listened to music on a ham radio. We played cards, walked Frostbite around the mountain and also cooked several meals on the alcohol stoves.
On our last day at the cabin, we packed up all our fishing gear and headed down the road to our river access. The Missouri Black river is the most amazing spot I've ever been for fishing! As soon as we threw in our lines we were catching fish. I landed a beautiful channel catfish, several bass including a hybrid with orange eyes, and a mystery fish that I couldn't land. Charles caught several large-mouth bass, some smallies, and a couple sucker fish! ( I still don't know how he landed suckers?!)
Our trip was a success, both in completing projects, and having a Blast!

Here are some photographs of our stay
Tiny house kitchen counter top made of re-purposed wood pallets.
The redesigned kitchen counter
Tiny House slate counter top
Slate top
Tiny house re-purposed kitchen sink
The enamel sink bowl
tiny house fishing; Bass
Charlies monster bass
tiny house fishing; bass
My orange eyed beast

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Thursday, March 3, 2016

Sun dolphin journey 10 ss kayak review

Sun dolphin journey 10 ss Kayak review

When Charles and I first bought our Ozark property next to the Black river, we wanted a good way to get out on to the water and were growing bored with fishing from the banks. We started doing research on several boat options including canoes and John boats, but ultimately came to the decision that our own personal Kayaks would be the best option. Not only would we have our own personal boats to go where ever we wanted on the river or lakes, but we would have a vehicle that’s light weight and easy to transport and maneuver!
There are hundreds of kayaks out their which can cost up to $2000.00 per boat! Considering that those prices were far from our budget, we had to seek out the best of the cheaper models. And believe it or not, we found our answer while walking through the fishing section at Walmart!
The sun dolphin journey 10 ss
sun dolphin journey 10 ss kayak review. Tiny house kayak review
^^Click here to buy this Kayak^^

The Journey 10 ss is a 10 foot, sit-on fishing kayak. This kayak is super lightweight (under 40 pounds), made from high-density, uv-stabilized polyethylene to with stand rapid waters and can easily handle a few good sized rocks. The kayak comes with a collapsible paddle and features a large seating area with adjustable foot braces, cushioned knee pads and a back rest. Built in features include…
·       2 inset fishing rod holders behind the seat
·       1 swivel fishing rod holder in front set, between knee position
·       Cup holder
·       2 side storage panels
·       Removable back storage, water tight container (bungies in and can be removed and used as a tow behind)
·       Bungied front storage
·       Built in handles on front and rear to easily carry
All of these features come stock with the basic model… The price? $299.00!!!
With that price and all the specs, it was a no-brainer, we had to get them.

Now for the review…

I’ve seen 1 too many you tube videos where someone takes this kayak out onto the water and gives it literally 3 seconds until they say…. “Oh no!!! It’s so shaky!!!” really? 3 seconds? You should pay no mind to those reviews. Chances are these people automatically think it’s not a good product because they didn’t spend a thousand dollars on it in the first place!
Though Charles had had some experience on boats, I had never been on a kayak or canoe and was quite nervous before taking this out on the water. My first 20 seconds were a little bit shaky, figuring out firstly, how to get in the boat and push it off the shore onto the water and secondly, finding my center of gravity (5 seconds of my time). After which, I (an inexperienced boater), could automatically tell this boat was stable and that I wouldn’t have any problems on the water. The sun dolphin easily tracks the water with grace. It is stable and not shaky or wobbley at all! With the paddle provide I could easily cover ground at nice speeds and even paddle the kayak backwards and in circular formations, my first time on the boat.
I found that the positions of the pole holders worked perfectly. The 2 rear pole holders are great for trolling and the front swivel pole holder allows you to rest your rod and position it at any angle without having to move the boat. The bungie cords on the front and back are great for strapping in fishing gear and vests without risking them falling into the water. The side pockets allow for storage of small tackle boxes, flashlight or water safe containers. Theirs actually a cup holder and water bottle holder which allows for storing plenty of water for hydration. The rear water tight storage container comes out of the boat and can tow behind to allow extra storage inside, room enough for a cooler or pick neck basket.
For over a year of constant use, and being stored outside in snow and ice, the boats have held up perfectly fine. The only real wear and tear is on the provided paddles, new ones will probably be needed after a little more time.
We’ve made several customization's to the kayaks both for appearance and functionality. Our boats both have custom decals on them so we can tell them apart. Charles has zombie response and bloody hand prints on his and I have nightmare before Christmas decals on mine lol. We have also added extra cat eye mounts onto the boats for clip on gear. We both have sliding anchors on the sides, made with Para cord. We also made Para cord leashes for the paddles and rods to insure they won’t be lost. The biggest thing done is that Charles has made outriggers for the boats out of PVC pipe and floats so that we can stand on the boats to fish if we like.

There is honestly only one con I can think of. The kayaks track great, however, once you stop moving and you’re on still water, the boats will turn and rotate with the wind. It’s not really a huge problem, just more of an annoyance. With that said, this problem will be fixed shortly, simply by buying some skegs online, which only run a couple dollars.

In conclusion….
Don’t kid yourself people! You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on a kayak to have lots of fun, in fact, all you really have to spend is $299 to have an awesome kayak with tons of great features! These boats have been so much fun and have really helped us on our fishing game!
Here is a great video reviews of our kayaks…

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Friday, February 26, 2016

Tiny house update: Suplemental heating for tiny spaces!!

     In this post, we will be discussing one of our alternative heating solutions for tiny spaces. Any one who decides to take the leap of faith and go tiny, especially in an area that actually gets cold, will find the the main concern is HEATING!! Beyond any construction, insulation, or furnishing, first comes finding ways to stay warm while your doing everything else. Now, Charles and I have already discussed the Mr. Heater buddy heater Here and how we use an oil radiator in This video. Today, Charles will show us the Denatured alcohol burning fireplace, which we have found to be an often over-looked option. Please take a moment to watch his video...

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Alcohol burning fireplaces come in many varieties, sizes, and designs. TAKE IN TO CONSIDERATION THERE IS MUCH CONTROVERSY OVER THE SAFETY OF VENTLESS APPLIANCES.  You can purchase a full kit that includes the fireplace insert, ceramic logs, and a housing that is made to look exactly like a fire place. you can also purchase the inserts alone.
     The technology used in these fireplaces is actually quite simple. All it really is is a container with wicking material that absorbs the denatured alcohol and allows it to burn slowly, lasting a long time once lit.
     For our purposes, we decided just to use the insert and house it in a chiminea. Since the chiminea is ceramic, it heats up and its design pushes the heat out of the top. It actually works pretty well to heat up a small space or even our living room in our big tiny house. Not only is this a great way to have heating off the grid, but it provides a romantic ambiance to any setting! so, if you haven't yet, click the video above to have Charles walk you through step by step how to use this awesome contraption!

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Monday, February 22, 2016

Tiny cabin update: How to use a coffee percolator!!!

Hey guys!!

As you may have seen in our previous post Here, we had the pleasure of staying the weekend in our tiny cabin on Valentines day! Tho, we didn't do any construction or building, we got a lot done including new furniture and decor to make our cabin feel more like home. Please click the link above to view all the details of this stay, with tons of great pictures of the cabin inside and out along with a beautiful photo of Frostbit...

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     One of the other things we were able to do was film this exciting video on how to use an alcohol burning stove and make coffee in a percolator! As shown above.

     I know it can sometimes be a hassle to have to click links, so I made it really easy where you can simply watch the video above. Please take a moment to check it out and let us know what you think. Feel free to comment on this article and any other article on this blog. Being relatively new in this tiny house game, we value all of you input and support!

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Monday, February 15, 2016

Tiny cabin update: caught in an ice storm!

Tiny house in Missouri
     It had unfortunately been 2 months since our last visit to the cabin. The last time we were their was a week before Christmas. Afterwards, life got very busy and Christmas bills had to be paid. Our anticipation to get to the cabin and get out of the city grew stronger and stronger every week until finally, valentines weekend came around. Charles and I both had a 3 day weekend and a little extra cash, there was no better way to spend it than traveling up to our secluded little hide-a-way!
     This was a productive little trip!We Weren't   going to build anything this visit or mess with any electrical (death by electrocution doesn't sound to good on valentines day). But instead, we were taking some new furniture and decor to make the cabin look more like home. Our family had gotten us some cabin pillows and nic-nac's on christmas and we also purchased a cute little couch that would work perfectley for the space. 
tiny house husky, tiny house interiorThats Frostbite enjoying the new cabin couch. Its finished off with a deer hide and a curious deer pillow that goes perfectly with the couch material. The pillow was thanks to grandma knowing that we were looking for something with country flair. She did good!
     My mom got us two matching pillows that feature white fleece polar bears on a plaid flannel background. They worked out perfectly as our sleep pillows in the loft, as shown below. 
tiny house loftTheres currently no electric wired up to the loft so I got the lighting from two flashlights pointing to each pillow and the LED lanterns on either side (for picture purposes only). 
     We also got a cherokee indian and wolf statue along with a neat little TP from canada. 
tiny house
     Along with these, we also brought a really funky gun holder made out of deer hoofs. Its kind of twisted but works perfectley for a cabin setting. 
tiny house interior deer huff gun rackPretty cool right?
     So obviously, even though we didnt do any construction on this trip, we still got a lot done! Its amazing what a couch and some small decorations can do for such as small space! (How small???) If you haven't read any of our other posts, Its 8 feet wide and 12 feet long. Counting the loft, were at 116 square feet. We will also be building an add-on from the porch for an interior bathroom. And if you would like to see a video walk-through of the space, we have it at this link

     We had a wonderful stay for the weekend and even survived and ice storm while living off grid!!! 
tiny house off grid
     The photograph above shows the cabins roof covered in about a half an inch of ice, with all the pretty ice cycles hanging off the sides. It wasnt like this when we arrived, it happened as I was waking up the next morning. I woke to the mysterious sound of sleet and ice rain hitting the tin roof, a really weird but cool sound! Obviously it was freezing cold outside, but we managed to keep the inside at a comfortable 65-70 degrees. And we did this off grid! How? We used a propane mr heater buddy heater and a oil radiator running off the generator. With both running together, it was easy to geep the cabin comfy and warm even with the ceiling not yet finished and the skirting incomplete. 
tiny house heating, Mr heater buddy heaterThis picture above shows the buddy heater glowing in red hot action. I've also done a full review and how-to article on the heater here
     How we spent the day
We started the morning off right with a hot cup of coffee (or 5) using a coffee percolator and an awesome alcohol burning stove that we found at a local thrift store. 
tiny house interior, coffee percolatorWe listened to music and watched a movie on the mac computer, charged off our solar power. 
     I took frostbite for a walk down the mountain , which wasnt very easy because of all the ice. Me and Frostbite took a picture of a really cool rock covered in ice that still had living moss on its surface. 
     After we made our way back up to the cabin, I let frosty inside and ventured back out into the ice and snow to get a couple more good photographs of our property and the cabin. 
tiny house missouri
I hate to admit, I like the selfie stick!
tiny house with solar power
You cant really tell from the picture but that solar panel was a solid sheet of ice and was still pulling amps!!!
We also have two bird houses that we mounted to the front of the cabin and were pleased to discover that one was occupied by a finch and she had already laid her eggs. 
If you look inside the hole in the moss and twigs, you can see the brown speckled eggs inside. Im crossing my fingers the eggs will hatch fine with this weather. 
     Soon, it was getting late and their was only a few hours of sun light left. We decided that we needed to leave that day because we may have not had enough propane for another heated night. But first, we needed a bite to eat. I filled up the alcohol stove and cooked our soup inside. 
     In all, we spent 2 days and 1 night at our cabin, in an ice storm and completely off the grid! I couldn't have asked for a better weekend vacation, spending valentines day with Charles and Frostbite, surrounded  with love and hundreds of miles away from hectic city life!
     Its successful weekends like these that show me its possible to live off grid, its possible to put down the phone (except to take pictures), and its possible to share a small space comfortably with the ones you love. 
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