Sunday, January 31, 2016

Top 5 best trout catching lures

     In this article, I will show you what I have found to be the top 5 easiest lures you can use to catch mad trout!

     I am by no means, a trout expert. In fact, this was my first year ever trout fishing. However, I've gotten a ton of practice and have cought over a hundred trout this year! Here's some photos of a few

I've researched and experimented with many of the well known trout lures, baits, and even given my best shot at fly fishing. Unlike my husband, I suck at fly fishing! Through all of this experimentation, I have compiled at list of the top 5 lures that almost always work, and work well. All of these lures can be used on a standard spinner rod and do not require you to become a master of the fly. With out any further delay, here is the list. 
     5)  Rubber crawdad
I know right, such a big lure?! Believe it or not, trout love them! When I am using a crawdad lure like this, I usually rig the hook down the middle with the pointed end coming out the head of the crawdad and underneath, this way when the fish bites, the hook is in its lower jaw (most of the time), making it easier to unhook the fish. The method I use is "walking the dog" on a slow retrival and constant twitches. 
     4) Spinners
Spinners work great for trout! I like to use spinners in deeper waters (15-20 feet). Because of the weight of spinners, I find that they work best where the water is deep, you'll have more control over them not knocking against rocks and branches on the bottom of the lake. When it comes to trout, I use variants of whites and lighter colors. A big plus of spinners is that if the trout aren't biting, you'll have a good chance of catching some bass too!
     3) white marabou jigs
These are basically just a bunch of marabou feathers on a weighted jig. I rig these on with a bobber, set anywhere between 2-6 feet (this depends on the lake). These are great for when i'm feeling lazy! Throw'em out and give the bobber a slight twitch every 30 seconds or so. When the bobber twitches or goes under, set that hook!
     2) yellow/white rubber maggot
Rigged with the hook straight through,perturbing out the tail end. We use the unscented variants because its illegal to use attractants for trout in Missouri. We use 2 methods with these guys. Firstly, rigged on a bobber, same as the marabou jig, and secondly, weighted and fished close to the bottom. This is another lure that will catch multiple species of fish including bass and bluegill.
     1) white rooster tail
This simple white rooster tail has proven time and time again to be my #1 trout lure. I fish it by its self with out any added weight, with a medium to fast retrieval. After i cast, I let it sink for 3-4 seconds and retrieve with my rod pointed down to the water, this drives it deeper. Ill stop a few times to make it flutter and catch the trouts eye. When none of the other lures are working, this one gets them right away!
     So there you have it, the top 5 lures to catch yourself a trout! 
     Let us know what you think. Do you find this list to be accurate? Whats your luckiest lure? Make sure to check out our other articles on this blog for all your tiny house and out door living needs! You can also see our you tube channel here
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Saturday, January 30, 2016

Tiny house cooking! Comming soon

     Hi their tiny house lovers! Im excited about today because it a big a new day for our tiny cabin project. Firstly, we now own the domain! Woot woot!! And secondly, i will be adding an aditional page to our blog "tiny house cooking"!

     As you probably guessed, this page will feature tons of tiny house recipes and cooking methods. Ill talk about storage ideas including storing dry foods such as: pastas, grains, rice and powdered goods like sugar and powdered milk. I teach you how to safly can foods for the longest possable shelf life. 
These foods can be dried, fresh, or even pre-prepared dinners.
     We'll also cover different methods of cooking in a tiny space, such as how to use an alcohole burning stove or induction cook top, tiny crock pots and inventive ways to store and showcase your cookware. 
     Ill be posting these recipes and tips on a weekly basis so that, if your a follower, your be notified of creative ideas and recipes for your home every week. 
     And sence we now own our domain, it will be easier to guide your friends to this page simply by sending them to 

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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Mr. Heater Buddy heater

     For this post, I will be talking about the Mr. Heater Buddy heater. If after reading this you decide you want one, just scroll back up and click this main photo to purchase one!

      As shown above, the buddy heater is a portable heating device that can be used in a home, garage, while camping, or in your tiny house. This heater requires no electricity to use. It runs off of propane and its pretty efficient to keep it cheap. 
We mostly use these little Coleman propane bottles, purchased from walmart. A 2 pack costs us about $5.00 us. We've had to use these guys quit a bit, especially when we first got started with no interior walls or insulation in our cabin. The small propane bottles as shown above, burn for about 6 hours on the low heat setting and about 3 hours on high heat. 
     To hook it up simply insert the bottle or hose to the flip out screw socket on the side of the heater. Make sure its level with the attachment and screw it on. 
Once screwed on, the bottle will fold down and rest against the side of the heater. 
Now your in business!
     If your looking for something that will burn much longer, they do have adaptable hoses that will attach the heater to a larger propane tank like those for a bbq. 
This is just an example of what it would look like. 
And this is a photograph of the hose attachment that would be used to hook it up. Im sure there are several stores that may carry this product but ill go ahead and attach the Amazon link here
     There are several Mr heater models including the large buddy and the small buddy, ours is the middle size and we find it to work perfect for our needs. We live in Missouri so our winter months can get pretty cold, falling below freezing on a daily basis. While at the cabin, in 12 degree weather, the budy heater will keep us at a comfortable 75-80 degrees. 
     As I stated earlier, the buddy heater has low and high heat settings.
We usually start it on the high setting to quickly knock the chill out of the area and heat things up. This takes about 20-30 minutes in our small space. After we've heated up, we drop it down to the low setting to maintane the temperature and reserve propane since we use the small bottles. 

     How it works...
Its pretty simple actually. A small hose inside the heater routs the propane to the igniter on the front bottom of the heater. You press a button which sparks the flint and egnites a flam. The front of the heater is ceramic with small holes that seep a little gas and allow the flam to cover the ceramic plate and heat it up. This produces an enjoyable radiant heat which works well in a tiny space!
     Is it safe?
My main concern when purchasing this modle was the safty features. The buddy heater deffinatley has them...
1) The tilt sensor. The buddy heater has a built in sensor that detects if its fallen over. If it falls, the heater immediatley turns its self off! And since it works with aceramic heat plate, the device cools within seconds of the flame going out. 
2) o2 sensor. A built in o2 orcarbon monoxide sensor detects if too much surrounding air is being burned by the flame. This lack of oxygen will immediatley shut the device off as well. 
3) the gate. The heating plate is covered by a metal gate so that surrounding objects, including your hands cant touch the plate or flame and get burned. 
4) clearance. Minimal clearance is needed, only about 2 feet above the device and 2-3 feet in front. The buddy heater can even be mounted directly to the wall as a wall mounted heater. 
     In conclusion to the safeties, this guy is pretty well covered. I would always suggest being cautious with any heat source. Make sure to have some sort of ventilation, wether it be a fan or a small window. And also, a carbon monoxide detector. They are very cheap and will work just incase any of the safty mechanisms fail. You can never be too safe. 
The only problem we've experienced with this is when we tried to use it outside while fishing. Almost any amount of wind will blow out the flame and turn the device off. Its probably a silly idea to want to use a heater out side anyway, but just incase you were wondering, there it is. 
     Now, if you would like to see a video review, Charles talks about Mr heater in this video please take a look.
     mr heater produces a wide range of heaters, including smaller and much larger models. If your interested or need any more information than what I provided, i would check out their website here
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Monday, January 25, 2016

Tiny house couch!!

Many different questions and design aspects come into mind when working on designing a tiny house or tiny cabin space. Some of these questions we encounter may include: what type of sink are we going to use for the kitchen? Should we use Granite or wood counter tops? Cabinets with doors or exposed shelves? A more talked about question is what type of loft ladder to use. And, lastly, should we use built in furniture or more traditional furniture? So many questions can cause a bit of a headache and possibly make moving forward take a tad bit longer. The good news is that we have come up with the answer to that last and most important question. We've decide to do a mix of built in and traditional furniture for our tiny cabin. We want the convenience of being able to have some fold-up and transformable furniture for storage and space saving reasons, but we also want the look of home. That leads to this post... We were out the other day, looking through thrift stores to see if we could find anything nifty....And we did!!! A Tiny house couch Within minutes of looking around, this beautiful piece caught our eye.
Im ubber excited about this couch. As you can probably tell from the picture, its at our city house right now. The weather is so bad in Missouri that we haven't made it up to the cabin this week, but hopefully next weekend, the couch will arrive home. This couch is the perfect size for were we plane to put it; along the side wall diagonal to the kitchen and next to where the bathroom will be. you can view our tiny cabin walk through here The slim profile of the back rest and arms make it possible to have a full size love seat with a much smaller profile than more modern chunky furniture. The color of the fabric gives it a fresh feel but is still reminiscent of southern country style. a small deer print pillow and deer fur throw, add the perfect amount of cabin flair. heres a close up of the deer print pillow my Grandmother got us for Christmas.
This couch is also proof of the money that can be saved for your tiny house. We purchased it at a local thrift store for the amazing price of $15.00. Its in almost new condition and allows us to save furniture money for the add on bathroom and other building materials. I also found it helpfull to look at charts like these
for ideas of what could fit and look good in our tiny home. I hope this article was entertaining and helped you get an idea of how you can add a homey feeling to your tiny space as well. If you enjoyed this article, pleas read our others and subscribe to this blog for more to come! You may also enjoy our youtube channel- take a look! Thanks again for reading!

Saturday, January 23, 2016

The Classy shack

     Its Saturday morning, Charles and I woke up early to a fresh pot of coffee. We got dressed, packed up our fishing gear and Go pro camera to take fishing and film some video for our you tube channel. We stopped at Hoods to check out their deals (which was disappointing because everything was practically retail) so we didn't stay long. We started driving to our usual fishing spot, when a NAME came ringing in my head.

  The Classy shack!!

Its been almost a year since we started our tiny cabin project and we've been trying to come up with a name ever since. I said it out loud, with Charles in the drivers seat. He looked at me, smiled, and said... "I like it!"
     Long story short, it took a year, but we have a name that truly defines our tiny cabin. A cabin the size of a shack (being 116 square feet), and being finished and designed with class!
     There you have it, and welcome to our journey with the classy shack!
Tiny house. The classy shack
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How to use a coffee percolator

     When me Charles first begun our tiny cabin project, we didn't have to much to get started and had to figure things out quick. When our tiny cabin was first delivered, it was literally four walls and a roof, in the middle of the woods, with no electricity and in the dead of winter. Did I mention, we spent the night several times in the early stages, and survived!
     How did we manage? With several awesome off grid products including the coffee percolator. The other products include a denatured alcohol fire place, a Mr. Buddy propane heater, a small 15 watt solar panel and a chargeable battery pack. All of these items I will be blogging about in future post, but today is for the coffee percolator. So, without any further a due, lets get to it!
     We have the camp model percolator
     The photograph above is of our percolator that we use every time we go to the cabin. The percolator is an awesome product that requires absolutely no electricity, and no running water! Not to mention, I personally think it makes the best tasting coffee over the standard drip pots. 
     It is actually made up of 5 parts, all of which are essential to the brewing process. 
The 5 parts are shown above. 
1) the pot
2) the stem
3) the filter
4) the filter lid
5) the lid to the pot

How it works
     The first thing to do is to fill the pot with water, I find that our model works best with 6 cups. Some are larger and can hold more water. After filling, you'll want to add coffee grounds into the filter. *this option is completely up to you, but i like to cut the bottom out of a coffee filter and place it in the bottom of the filter. This prevents any fine grounds from escaping and getting into your brew. I use 1 tablespoon for every 8 ounce cup. So, 6 tablespoons for 6 cups of water. I also want to point out that you should use a medium to large grain coffee ground. Finer grounds may get through the filter and leave you chewing bits of coffee grounds. once you've added the grounds, you'll place the filter lid onto the filter and put the filter on the stem. It will look like this...
Now your ready to BREW!
     Once you've completed the steps above you'll set the filter and stem into the pot of water and close the lid. You can use any heat source that will get the water hot enough to "perc". This could be a gas range or electric stove, a BBQ pit, a denatured alcohol burning stove (like we use), or even the stop of an old wood burning stove. What ever you do, please, don't put it in the microwave! Lol. 
     How does it actually work?
So what happens is as the water heats up, it travels up through the hollow tube. It spills over the top onto the filter lid. The filter lid is covered in holes so that the water can sink inside and evenly soak into the coffee grounds. As the water moves through the grounds, it drips through the bottom of the filter and back into the water. As this process continues, the water will become darker and darker as it recycles through the grounds until it reaches your desired darkness or "brew".
     Now, our percolator doesn't have a hollow glass knob on top like some, which allows you to see the darkness of the coffee, but we have timed it and determined that about 9 minutes on medium heat works best for us. Its also no problem to lift the lid for a moment and watch the fun bubbling happening inside!
     I should also warn you that most percolators are solid metal and will be extremely hot to the touch, so be careful when touching the handle or lid!
     Anyways, that is what the coffee percolator is and how it works. I hope you have enjoyed this article and possibly learned something from it. If so, please like and share it with your friends on Facebook or google+!
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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Tiny house hate crime

A Tiny House Hate crime: Gay tiny house owners attacked by hateful Neo Nazi for being Gay in a tiny house!

     When me and Charles first started our journey with the tiny house, we expected to run into some of the usual problems that can happen when working on a tiny home. We were worried about the delivery and if everything would go as planed transporting the tiny house up to the mountain and leveling it onto the edge of a very steep hill. We were also concerned with everything that involved construction (operating power tools, using sharp blades, getting proper measurements and so on), Most of all, we were worried about the solar power and wiring the electricity for the tiny house, if done wrong we could have seriously gotten hurt. But what we were not worried about was being attacked and having someone destroy or damage our property for being a gay couple, especially in the 21st century. But, that's exactly what happened!
Bullet holes in a tiny house

     Our tiny house had been delivered to our property and leveled out on cinder blocks. We spent our first weekend their, in the cold, with no electricity, plumbing, or heat, but we were so excited to get the tiny house project started! We came home on Monday and were planning to gather some building materials and head out the very next weekend, and we did. The problem tho, was that the Midwest was getting hit by a blizzard (ice mixed with snow) and driving conditions were poor. Charles had invested in a 4x4 truck and it made it all the way to the mountain, but fortunately didn't make the climb up. We had to turn around and go all the way back home. This was a good thing as it probably saved our life's! Two days latter, we received a call from the local police department in that area that some one had shot up our tiny house and caused some pretty severe damage! Two days latter, the man whom I shouldn't name, was found and arrested for the crime.
Tiny house hate crime. tiny house owners attacked for being gay in a tiny house
A size comparison between the bullet hole and my fist.
       A few days latter, me and Charles met with the sheriff in charge to show him where our property was and collect any evidence that could tie him to the crime and that would stand up in court. The evidence was overwhelming. There was still snow on the ground but it was easy to find 6 or 7 shot gun shells just laying around. They were a perfect match to the ammo he had in his cabin. Our Tiny house had received 3 major gunshot wounds through the walls and our two main windows had been shot out, completely destroying the window frames. There were wax wedges from the shotgun casings inside the house (that also matched), 
Tiny House hate crime. Gay tiny house owners attacked!
The window framing destroyed.
along with thousands of bb's covering every surface inside. It was a nightmare! Aside from the obvious holes in our walls, there were hundreds of tiny little bb imprints in the adjacent walls inside and some with bb's still in them that had to be removed from our walls.

A slim line between life and death

     I cant recall a single moment in my life where I had been so full of fear and hatred and anger. Even as time passes by and we continue with our tiny cabin project, its hard for me to believe that this crime really happened to us. The most haunting and chilling thought is to think about what would have happened if we were their. What if we gave the gas peddle one more push and got the truck up that mountain in that blizzard? Would this man have still shot up our tiny house with us inside? That question will probably never be answered, but what I can tell you is that we would have been severely injured or dead! Think about that, our tiny 
Tiny house HATE CRIME. Gay couple attacked by Neo Nazi
The windows were shattered
house is 116 square feet and that's including the loft. The gun shot straight through the walls and hit the other side of the house. The bb's ricocheted off the walls at lightening speed and made their way up to the loft. If me and Charles were inside, we would have been impaled, probably multiple times, and almost certainly died. Thank God we weren't their.

     You may be asking your self, why would we go to a town or area where something like this could happen to us? The answer is that its NOT the town, or the area, or the majority of the people in it. It was one man, in a RANDOM place, holding up where he actually should not have been.  What people need to realize is that things like this still happen all over the world and all over the US for that matter. Anti-LGBT HATE is not a new thing. Its a thing that needs to be stopped. And, for those of you who think being gay is a choice- It's not! Its not a choice to be born man or woman, not a choice to be born African American, native American, or white! And certainly not a choice to fall in love with a man or a woman and NEED to spend the rest of your life with them to be happy!
     What of the man who did this to us? He is in prison and hopefully will be for a long time. Has this crime stopped us from chasing our tiny house dreams? Absolutely not! Charles and I are still actively working to complete our tiny house we named "The Classy Shack". We've actually gotten a lot done but still have even more to do. That is the purpose of this blog anyway, to allow you into our life's and see all of the progress we make with this tiny house build. We also plane on either building or buying a tumbleweed tiny house for travel, tho that may be a couple of years down the road.
     Since the hate crime, we have tried reaching out and getting this story to major news broadcasterslike fox2, channel 4 KMOV, channel 5, and ABC but none of them seem interested in broadcasting real stories. If there's one single message I want to get across here, its to embrace who you are (who ever you are), and to stand up for your rights as a human being. Don't let people bully you or hurt you or force you to conform to whats "right" in this society. Be you and be proud of who you are. Your worth it!

     If you find your self so inclined, we do have a Gofundme page where you can make a donation and buy us a pizza or a new window GoFundMe HERE. Every dollar helps a Tiny House;-)

     If you have time, you can also watch our tiny house hate crime video below

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New You Tube video!!

Good morning and happy Wednesday!! This is just a very quick blog post update to let you know that we've published a new video that we would like for you to see. This is a more serious video. Me and Charles tell the story of the guy who shot up our cabin for the simple fact the we are a gay couple. This was a pretty hard and scarry time in our lifes so it took a little while to really talk about it and make a video on the subject. But more importantley, this video serves as a message to persevere and move on. So with out any further delay, please check it out here

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Zippo hand warmer

     Me and Charles have been doing a lot of fishing recently, especially with it being trout season. This is the first year that me and Charles have ever fished for trout and I have to say, it is soo much fun! The lakes around here are stocked with rainbow trout, by far the most beautiful fish I've ever caught! here's a few pics of some trout we've caught.
tiny house fishing
tiny house fishing

     The problem is... Its COLD outside! Bundling up, wearing multiple pairs of socks, pants, and shirts is no problem, but as any fisherman knows, those body parts aren't the problem. The problem we face is our hands. They are the most vulnerable and exposed, especially while fishing. In single degree (and sometimes negative) temperatures, our hands can freeze up with in a matter of seconds; causing pain and making it close to impossible to even move our fingers, let alone, tie a knot. Gloves are OK but its hard to maneuver the reel or tie a knot and even if there water proof, water still manages to get inside.
     Needless to say, we have recently found a way to solve or better deal with these cold temperatures... The zippo hand warmer
zippo hand warmer review
     Now, let me first say, I am not being sponsored or paid to advertise this product. Its just so good that i felt the need to dedicate a blog entry to it. 
     There are several models of the zippo hand warmer as well as other companies who make them also, ill only speak of the model we purchased (zippo-black-LK-530806) because its the only one we've tried. This hand warmer is not battery operated, it runs off of lighter fluid and is advertised to last up to 12 hours on one filling. It comes with the hand warmer its self, a small holding pouch, a measuring cup, and the instructions. Under the cap is a small wick area where you insert the tip of the measuring cup to fill the tank.
zippo hand warmer review

zippo hand warmer review
     There are two marking on the tank (1/2 and full), the 1/2 will burn for 6 hours and the "full" will burn for 12. I find these to be pretty accurate. To fill the tank, you have to first remove the catalytic converter off of the top of the wick. Once you fill the tank, as shown in the photograph above, you place to catalytic converter back on top and hold it upright for 2 minutes before lighting. Use a lighter hold the flame to the converter for about 15-20 seconds. You will not see a flame once its lit but you will feel the device heating up so that you'll know its working. Warning!! The directions state to make sure the wick is flush with the top. Make sure you use a tooth pick to move the wick back up after filling if it stays stuck down. If it makes a flame, you are doing something wrong. With that said, this product is designed to work as a catalytic burner, hence-flameless.
     Once the device is lit, place it in the pouch to let it warm up. Its designed to work with very little airflow and we found that they actually work best in the pouch and placed in our jacket pockets.
zippo hand warmer review
zippo hand warmer review

     The day we got them, we lit them up, packed our fishing gear and headed out to the lake. While at the lake fishing, the device was in my pocket. It was 15 degrees outside but i could feel the warmth of the device coming through my coat against my body. I didn't have my hands on it the whole time, as i was fishing, but when ever my hands got too cold, i would reach in my pocket and hold it for a few minutes. Me and Charles both believe that this product alone made our fishing trip so much more enjoyable than the last few times we went. It overall kept my body warmer while in my coat pocket and kept my hands from getting frostbite! I would highly recommend this over the disposable hand warmer any day. Its reusable and cheap, costing about 11 dollars.
     ** Please note- This blog is not meant as directions for use of this product. Please read the directions that come with the zippo hand warmer before use. We are not responsible for any harm to come from or misuse of this product.
zippo hand warmer review
Thank you zippo, and I hope you guys liked this review. Make sure to stay tuned for other updates on our tiny cabin project!

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Friday, January 15, 2016

A new bloggers RANT

     Hello everyone and thanks for reading! Let me first start by telling you that this entry is just a rant based on some experiences i had on blogger yesterday, so, if your not interested in reading a rant, please scroll on down and take a look at everything else;-).
     So, I've had this blog up for a while, with not much success i might add. It started out as something silly that i wasn't really interested in, but since i had already established some traffic, i decided to use it on a new found love, shared by my husband and I; our tiny cabin project!
So, here's the rant!----
     I decided yesterday to change the name of my blog. The original user name was so silly and completely irrelevant to the purpose of this blog. I just couldn't get myself to even write another entry without getting that user name set to our tiny cabin project. so, i hopped on google and started doing some research. it seems everywhere i looked, the answer was the same, and apparently very simple... go into user settings and change the user name and hit SAVE. as shown in the picture below...

I must have tried this 20 times or so, but every time i hit save or enter, it just reverted back the the previous name. i was becoming so frustrated with this that i almost quit and started a new blog. but, i was determined. i started thinking and realized that my user name was associated with an old YouTube channel and google+ page. I signed into the old accounts and, with out hesitation, deleted them. after doing this, i refreshed my blogger, put in the new user name, and hit save. To my surprise, it saved! yay!!!

The whole point of this was to say that there doesn't seem to be any information on blogger help about this problem, or many many others I've come across while trying to get serious about this. The lack of information or support from blogger can be very frustrating, but don't give up. I am moving forward to write more blogs, come up with new ideas, and start generating more traffic. hopefully, i will create something amazing out of this!
Please stay tuned for many entries to come with tiny house love, tiny house and cabin ideas, do it yourself projects, and updates on our tiny cabin project.
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Sunday, January 3, 2016

tiny house photos for google images

hey guys, this is just a randome post showing some pictures of our tiny house. they have been renamed so that they are more likely to be found in search engines. thank you from; Our tiny cabin project!

these photos feature edited screenshots for our tiny cabins you tube chanel and show some cut things like the polor bear pillows we got for the cabin. Also, please feel free to watch some of our youtube videos by clicking this linkTiny house tour