Friday, January 15, 2016

A new bloggers RANT

     Hello everyone and thanks for reading! Let me first start by telling you that this entry is just a rant based on some experiences i had on blogger yesterday, so, if your not interested in reading a rant, please scroll on down and take a look at everything else;-).
     So, I've had this blog up for a while, with not much success i might add. It started out as something silly that i wasn't really interested in, but since i had already established some traffic, i decided to use it on a new found love, shared by my husband and I; our tiny cabin project!
So, here's the rant!----
     I decided yesterday to change the name of my blog. The original user name was so silly and completely irrelevant to the purpose of this blog. I just couldn't get myself to even write another entry without getting that user name set to our tiny cabin project. so, i hopped on google and started doing some research. it seems everywhere i looked, the answer was the same, and apparently very simple... go into user settings and change the user name and hit SAVE. as shown in the picture below...

I must have tried this 20 times or so, but every time i hit save or enter, it just reverted back the the previous name. i was becoming so frustrated with this that i almost quit and started a new blog. but, i was determined. i started thinking and realized that my user name was associated with an old YouTube channel and google+ page. I signed into the old accounts and, with out hesitation, deleted them. after doing this, i refreshed my blogger, put in the new user name, and hit save. To my surprise, it saved! yay!!!

The whole point of this was to say that there doesn't seem to be any information on blogger help about this problem, or many many others I've come across while trying to get serious about this. The lack of information or support from blogger can be very frustrating, but don't give up. I am moving forward to write more blogs, come up with new ideas, and start generating more traffic. hopefully, i will create something amazing out of this!
Please stay tuned for many entries to come with tiny house love, tiny house and cabin ideas, do it yourself projects, and updates on our tiny cabin project.
I do want to mention again that we have a growing YouTube channel that showcases all of our progress on our tiny cabin, please feel free to check it out!!

And finally, this blog and our channel both are nothing with out YOU! Please like and follow this blog, share and stay tuned;-)!!

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