Monday, January 25, 2016

Tiny house couch!!

Many different questions and design aspects come into mind when working on designing a tiny house or tiny cabin space. Some of these questions we encounter may include: what type of sink are we going to use for the kitchen? Should we use Granite or wood counter tops? Cabinets with doors or exposed shelves? A more talked about question is what type of loft ladder to use. And, lastly, should we use built in furniture or more traditional furniture? So many questions can cause a bit of a headache and possibly make moving forward take a tad bit longer. The good news is that we have come up with the answer to that last and most important question. We've decide to do a mix of built in and traditional furniture for our tiny cabin. We want the convenience of being able to have some fold-up and transformable furniture for storage and space saving reasons, but we also want the look of home. That leads to this post... We were out the other day, looking through thrift stores to see if we could find anything nifty....And we did!!! A Tiny house couch Within minutes of looking around, this beautiful piece caught our eye.
Im ubber excited about this couch. As you can probably tell from the picture, its at our city house right now. The weather is so bad in Missouri that we haven't made it up to the cabin this week, but hopefully next weekend, the couch will arrive home. This couch is the perfect size for were we plane to put it; along the side wall diagonal to the kitchen and next to where the bathroom will be. you can view our tiny cabin walk through here The slim profile of the back rest and arms make it possible to have a full size love seat with a much smaller profile than more modern chunky furniture. The color of the fabric gives it a fresh feel but is still reminiscent of southern country style. a small deer print pillow and deer fur throw, add the perfect amount of cabin flair. heres a close up of the deer print pillow my Grandmother got us for Christmas.
This couch is also proof of the money that can be saved for your tiny house. We purchased it at a local thrift store for the amazing price of $15.00. Its in almost new condition and allows us to save furniture money for the add on bathroom and other building materials. I also found it helpfull to look at charts like these
for ideas of what could fit and look good in our tiny home. I hope this article was entertaining and helped you get an idea of how you can add a homey feeling to your tiny space as well. If you enjoyed this article, pleas read our others and subscribe to this blog for more to come! You may also enjoy our youtube channel- take a look! Thanks again for reading!

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