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How to use a coffee percolator

     When me Charles first begun our tiny cabin project, we didn't have to much to get started and had to figure things out quick. When our tiny cabin was first delivered, it was literally four walls and a roof, in the middle of the woods, with no electricity and in the dead of winter. Did I mention, we spent the night several times in the early stages, and survived!
     How did we manage? With several awesome off grid products including the coffee percolator. The other products include a denatured alcohol fire place, a Mr. Buddy propane heater, a small 15 watt solar panel and a chargeable battery pack. All of these items I will be blogging about in future post, but today is for the coffee percolator. So, without any further a due, lets get to it!
     We have the camp model percolator
     The photograph above is of our percolator that we use every time we go to the cabin. The percolator is an awesome product that requires absolutely no electricity, and no running water! Not to mention, I personally think it makes the best tasting coffee over the standard drip pots. 
     It is actually made up of 5 parts, all of which are essential to the brewing process. 
The 5 parts are shown above. 
1) the pot
2) the stem
3) the filter
4) the filter lid
5) the lid to the pot

How it works
     The first thing to do is to fill the pot with water, I find that our model works best with 6 cups. Some are larger and can hold more water. After filling, you'll want to add coffee grounds into the filter. *this option is completely up to you, but i like to cut the bottom out of a coffee filter and place it in the bottom of the filter. This prevents any fine grounds from escaping and getting into your brew. I use 1 tablespoon for every 8 ounce cup. So, 6 tablespoons for 6 cups of water. I also want to point out that you should use a medium to large grain coffee ground. Finer grounds may get through the filter and leave you chewing bits of coffee grounds. once you've added the grounds, you'll place the filter lid onto the filter and put the filter on the stem. It will look like this...
Now your ready to BREW!
     Once you've completed the steps above you'll set the filter and stem into the pot of water and close the lid. You can use any heat source that will get the water hot enough to "perc". This could be a gas range or electric stove, a BBQ pit, a denatured alcohol burning stove (like we use), or even the stop of an old wood burning stove. What ever you do, please, don't put it in the microwave! Lol. 
     How does it actually work?
So what happens is as the water heats up, it travels up through the hollow tube. It spills over the top onto the filter lid. The filter lid is covered in holes so that the water can sink inside and evenly soak into the coffee grounds. As the water moves through the grounds, it drips through the bottom of the filter and back into the water. As this process continues, the water will become darker and darker as it recycles through the grounds until it reaches your desired darkness or "brew".
     Now, our percolator doesn't have a hollow glass knob on top like some, which allows you to see the darkness of the coffee, but we have timed it and determined that about 9 minutes on medium heat works best for us. Its also no problem to lift the lid for a moment and watch the fun bubbling happening inside!
     I should also warn you that most percolators are solid metal and will be extremely hot to the touch, so be careful when touching the handle or lid!
     Anyways, that is what the coffee percolator is and how it works. I hope you have enjoyed this article and possibly learned something from it. If so, please like and share it with your friends on Facebook or google+!
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