Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Mr. Heater Buddy heater

     For this post, I will be talking about the Mr. Heater Buddy heater. If after reading this you decide you want one, just scroll back up and click this main photo to purchase one!

      As shown above, the buddy heater is a portable heating device that can be used in a home, garage, while camping, or in your tiny house. This heater requires no electricity to use. It runs off of propane and its pretty efficient to keep it cheap. 
We mostly use these little Coleman propane bottles, purchased from walmart. A 2 pack costs us about $5.00 us. We've had to use these guys quit a bit, especially when we first got started with no interior walls or insulation in our cabin. The small propane bottles as shown above, burn for about 6 hours on the low heat setting and about 3 hours on high heat. 
     To hook it up simply insert the bottle or hose to the flip out screw socket on the side of the heater. Make sure its level with the attachment and screw it on. 
Once screwed on, the bottle will fold down and rest against the side of the heater. 
Now your in business!
     If your looking for something that will burn much longer, they do have adaptable hoses that will attach the heater to a larger propane tank like those for a bbq. 
This is just an example of what it would look like. 
And this is a photograph of the hose attachment that would be used to hook it up. Im sure there are several stores that may carry this product but ill go ahead and attach the Amazon link here
     There are several Mr heater models including the large buddy and the small buddy, ours is the middle size and we find it to work perfect for our needs. We live in Missouri so our winter months can get pretty cold, falling below freezing on a daily basis. While at the cabin, in 12 degree weather, the budy heater will keep us at a comfortable 75-80 degrees. 
     As I stated earlier, the buddy heater has low and high heat settings.
We usually start it on the high setting to quickly knock the chill out of the area and heat things up. This takes about 20-30 minutes in our small space. After we've heated up, we drop it down to the low setting to maintane the temperature and reserve propane since we use the small bottles. 

     How it works...
Its pretty simple actually. A small hose inside the heater routs the propane to the igniter on the front bottom of the heater. You press a button which sparks the flint and egnites a flam. The front of the heater is ceramic with small holes that seep a little gas and allow the flam to cover the ceramic plate and heat it up. This produces an enjoyable radiant heat which works well in a tiny space!
     Is it safe?
My main concern when purchasing this modle was the safty features. The buddy heater deffinatley has them...
1) The tilt sensor. The buddy heater has a built in sensor that detects if its fallen over. If it falls, the heater immediatley turns its self off! And since it works with aceramic heat plate, the device cools within seconds of the flame going out. 
2) o2 sensor. A built in o2 orcarbon monoxide sensor detects if too much surrounding air is being burned by the flame. This lack of oxygen will immediatley shut the device off as well. 
3) the gate. The heating plate is covered by a metal gate so that surrounding objects, including your hands cant touch the plate or flame and get burned. 
4) clearance. Minimal clearance is needed, only about 2 feet above the device and 2-3 feet in front. The buddy heater can even be mounted directly to the wall as a wall mounted heater. 
     In conclusion to the safeties, this guy is pretty well covered. I would always suggest being cautious with any heat source. Make sure to have some sort of ventilation, wether it be a fan or a small window. And also, a carbon monoxide detector. They are very cheap and will work just incase any of the safty mechanisms fail. You can never be too safe. 
The only problem we've experienced with this is when we tried to use it outside while fishing. Almost any amount of wind will blow out the flame and turn the device off. Its probably a silly idea to want to use a heater out side anyway, but just incase you were wondering, there it is. 
     Now, if you would like to see a video review, Charles talks about Mr heater in this video please take a look.
     mr heater produces a wide range of heaters, including smaller and much larger models. If your interested or need any more information than what I provided, i would check out their website here
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     Until next time... Thanks for reading!

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