Saturday, January 30, 2016

Tiny house cooking! Comming soon

     Hi their tiny house lovers! Im excited about today because it a big a new day for our tiny cabin project. Firstly, we now own the domain! Woot woot!! And secondly, i will be adding an aditional page to our blog "tiny house cooking"!

     As you probably guessed, this page will feature tons of tiny house recipes and cooking methods. Ill talk about storage ideas including storing dry foods such as: pastas, grains, rice and powdered goods like sugar and powdered milk. I teach you how to safly can foods for the longest possable shelf life. 
These foods can be dried, fresh, or even pre-prepared dinners.
     We'll also cover different methods of cooking in a tiny space, such as how to use an alcohole burning stove or induction cook top, tiny crock pots and inventive ways to store and showcase your cookware. 
     Ill be posting these recipes and tips on a weekly basis so that, if your a follower, your be notified of creative ideas and recipes for your home every week. 
     And sence we now own our domain, it will be easier to guide your friends to this page simply by sending them to 

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