Sunday, January 31, 2016

Top 5 best trout catching lures

     In this article, I will show you what I have found to be the top 5 easiest lures you can use to catch mad trout!

     I am by no means, a trout expert. In fact, this was my first year ever trout fishing. However, I've gotten a ton of practice and have cought over a hundred trout this year! Here's some photos of a few

I've researched and experimented with many of the well known trout lures, baits, and even given my best shot at fly fishing. Unlike my husband, I suck at fly fishing! Through all of this experimentation, I have compiled at list of the top 5 lures that almost always work, and work well. All of these lures can be used on a standard spinner rod and do not require you to become a master of the fly. With out any further delay, here is the list. 
     5)  Rubber crawdad
I know right, such a big lure?! Believe it or not, trout love them! When I am using a crawdad lure like this, I usually rig the hook down the middle with the pointed end coming out the head of the crawdad and underneath, this way when the fish bites, the hook is in its lower jaw (most of the time), making it easier to unhook the fish. The method I use is "walking the dog" on a slow retrival and constant twitches. 
     4) Spinners
Spinners work great for trout! I like to use spinners in deeper waters (15-20 feet). Because of the weight of spinners, I find that they work best where the water is deep, you'll have more control over them not knocking against rocks and branches on the bottom of the lake. When it comes to trout, I use variants of whites and lighter colors. A big plus of spinners is that if the trout aren't biting, you'll have a good chance of catching some bass too!
     3) white marabou jigs
These are basically just a bunch of marabou feathers on a weighted jig. I rig these on with a bobber, set anywhere between 2-6 feet (this depends on the lake). These are great for when i'm feeling lazy! Throw'em out and give the bobber a slight twitch every 30 seconds or so. When the bobber twitches or goes under, set that hook!
     2) yellow/white rubber maggot
Rigged with the hook straight through,perturbing out the tail end. We use the unscented variants because its illegal to use attractants for trout in Missouri. We use 2 methods with these guys. Firstly, rigged on a bobber, same as the marabou jig, and secondly, weighted and fished close to the bottom. This is another lure that will catch multiple species of fish including bass and bluegill.
     1) white rooster tail
This simple white rooster tail has proven time and time again to be my #1 trout lure. I fish it by its self with out any added weight, with a medium to fast retrieval. After i cast, I let it sink for 3-4 seconds and retrieve with my rod pointed down to the water, this drives it deeper. Ill stop a few times to make it flutter and catch the trouts eye. When none of the other lures are working, this one gets them right away!
     So there you have it, the top 5 lures to catch yourself a trout! 
     Let us know what you think. Do you find this list to be accurate? Whats your luckiest lure? Make sure to check out our other articles on this blog for all your tiny house and out door living needs! You can also see our you tube channel here
     Until next time, thank you for reading!! 


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