Friday, February 26, 2016

Tiny house update: Suplemental heating for tiny spaces!!

     In this post, we will be discussing one of our alternative heating solutions for tiny spaces. Any one who decides to take the leap of faith and go tiny, especially in an area that actually gets cold, will find the the main concern is HEATING!! Beyond any construction, insulation, or furnishing, first comes finding ways to stay warm while your doing everything else. Now, Charles and I have already discussed the Mr. Heater buddy heater Here and how we use an oil radiator in This video. Today, Charles will show us the Denatured alcohol burning fireplace, which we have found to be an often over-looked option. Please take a moment to watch his video...

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Alcohol burning fireplaces come in many varieties, sizes, and designs. TAKE IN TO CONSIDERATION THERE IS MUCH CONTROVERSY OVER THE SAFETY OF VENTLESS APPLIANCES.  You can purchase a full kit that includes the fireplace insert, ceramic logs, and a housing that is made to look exactly like a fire place. you can also purchase the inserts alone.
     The technology used in these fireplaces is actually quite simple. All it really is is a container with wicking material that absorbs the denatured alcohol and allows it to burn slowly, lasting a long time once lit.
     For our purposes, we decided just to use the insert and house it in a chiminea. Since the chiminea is ceramic, it heats up and its design pushes the heat out of the top. It actually works pretty well to heat up a small space or even our living room in our big tiny house. Not only is this a great way to have heating off the grid, but it provides a romantic ambiance to any setting! so, if you haven't yet, click the video above to have Charles walk you through step by step how to use this awesome contraption!

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Monday, February 22, 2016

Tiny cabin update: How to use a coffee percolator!!!

Hey guys!!

As you may have seen in our previous post Here, we had the pleasure of staying the weekend in our tiny cabin on Valentines day! Tho, we didn't do any construction or building, we got a lot done including new furniture and decor to make our cabin feel more like home. Please click the link above to view all the details of this stay, with tons of great pictures of the cabin inside and out along with a beautiful photo of Frostbit...

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     One of the other things we were able to do was film this exciting video on how to use an alcohol burning stove and make coffee in a percolator! As shown above.

     I know it can sometimes be a hassle to have to click links, so I made it really easy where you can simply watch the video above. Please take a moment to check it out and let us know what you think. Feel free to comment on this article and any other article on this blog. Being relatively new in this tiny house game, we value all of you input and support!

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Monday, February 15, 2016

Tiny cabin update: caught in an ice storm!

Tiny house in Missouri
     It had unfortunately been 2 months since our last visit to the cabin. The last time we were their was a week before Christmas. Afterwards, life got very busy and Christmas bills had to be paid. Our anticipation to get to the cabin and get out of the city grew stronger and stronger every week until finally, valentines weekend came around. Charles and I both had a 3 day weekend and a little extra cash, there was no better way to spend it than traveling up to our secluded little hide-a-way!
     This was a productive little trip!We Weren't   going to build anything this visit or mess with any electrical (death by electrocution doesn't sound to good on valentines day). But instead, we were taking some new furniture and decor to make the cabin look more like home. Our family had gotten us some cabin pillows and nic-nac's on christmas and we also purchased a cute little couch that would work perfectley for the space. 
tiny house husky, tiny house interiorThats Frostbite enjoying the new cabin couch. Its finished off with a deer hide and a curious deer pillow that goes perfectly with the couch material. The pillow was thanks to grandma knowing that we were looking for something with country flair. She did good!
     My mom got us two matching pillows that feature white fleece polar bears on a plaid flannel background. They worked out perfectly as our sleep pillows in the loft, as shown below. 
tiny house loftTheres currently no electric wired up to the loft so I got the lighting from two flashlights pointing to each pillow and the LED lanterns on either side (for picture purposes only). 
     We also got a cherokee indian and wolf statue along with a neat little TP from canada. 
tiny house
     Along with these, we also brought a really funky gun holder made out of deer hoofs. Its kind of twisted but works perfectley for a cabin setting. 
tiny house interior deer huff gun rackPretty cool right?
     So obviously, even though we didnt do any construction on this trip, we still got a lot done! Its amazing what a couch and some small decorations can do for such as small space! (How small???) If you haven't read any of our other posts, Its 8 feet wide and 12 feet long. Counting the loft, were at 116 square feet. We will also be building an add-on from the porch for an interior bathroom. And if you would like to see a video walk-through of the space, we have it at this link

     We had a wonderful stay for the weekend and even survived and ice storm while living off grid!!! 
tiny house off grid
     The photograph above shows the cabins roof covered in about a half an inch of ice, with all the pretty ice cycles hanging off the sides. It wasnt like this when we arrived, it happened as I was waking up the next morning. I woke to the mysterious sound of sleet and ice rain hitting the tin roof, a really weird but cool sound! Obviously it was freezing cold outside, but we managed to keep the inside at a comfortable 65-70 degrees. And we did this off grid! How? We used a propane mr heater buddy heater and a oil radiator running off the generator. With both running together, it was easy to geep the cabin comfy and warm even with the ceiling not yet finished and the skirting incomplete. 
tiny house heating, Mr heater buddy heaterThis picture above shows the buddy heater glowing in red hot action. I've also done a full review and how-to article on the heater here
     How we spent the day
We started the morning off right with a hot cup of coffee (or 5) using a coffee percolator and an awesome alcohol burning stove that we found at a local thrift store. 
tiny house interior, coffee percolatorWe listened to music and watched a movie on the mac computer, charged off our solar power. 
     I took frostbite for a walk down the mountain , which wasnt very easy because of all the ice. Me and Frostbite took a picture of a really cool rock covered in ice that still had living moss on its surface. 
     After we made our way back up to the cabin, I let frosty inside and ventured back out into the ice and snow to get a couple more good photographs of our property and the cabin. 
tiny house missouri
I hate to admit, I like the selfie stick!
tiny house with solar power
You cant really tell from the picture but that solar panel was a solid sheet of ice and was still pulling amps!!!
We also have two bird houses that we mounted to the front of the cabin and were pleased to discover that one was occupied by a finch and she had already laid her eggs. 
If you look inside the hole in the moss and twigs, you can see the brown speckled eggs inside. Im crossing my fingers the eggs will hatch fine with this weather. 
     Soon, it was getting late and their was only a few hours of sun light left. We decided that we needed to leave that day because we may have not had enough propane for another heated night. But first, we needed a bite to eat. I filled up the alcohol stove and cooked our soup inside. 
     In all, we spent 2 days and 1 night at our cabin, in an ice storm and completely off the grid! I couldn't have asked for a better weekend vacation, spending valentines day with Charles and Frostbite, surrounded  with love and hundreds of miles away from hectic city life!
     Its successful weekends like these that show me its possible to live off grid, its possible to put down the phone (except to take pictures), and its possible to share a small space comfortably with the ones you love. 
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