Monday, February 22, 2016

Tiny cabin update: How to use a coffee percolator!!!

Hey guys!!

As you may have seen in our previous post Here, we had the pleasure of staying the weekend in our tiny cabin on Valentines day! Tho, we didn't do any construction or building, we got a lot done including new furniture and decor to make our cabin feel more like home. Please click the link above to view all the details of this stay, with tons of great pictures of the cabin inside and out along with a beautiful photo of Frostbit...

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     One of the other things we were able to do was film this exciting video on how to use an alcohol burning stove and make coffee in a percolator! As shown above.

     I know it can sometimes be a hassle to have to click links, so I made it really easy where you can simply watch the video above. Please take a moment to check it out and let us know what you think. Feel free to comment on this article and any other article on this blog. Being relatively new in this tiny house game, we value all of you input and support!

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  1. Just catching up with your blog and vids. My partner, Mark, who has been waiting for a heart transplant for nearly 2 years, was admitted to hospital for a severe MRSA infection 2/2/16. Although they got it under control, they decided to keep him there until he is transplanted. So I've been busy shuttling between home and Chapel Hill. I wanted to comment on your coffee segment. I use an old glass drip percolator on my propane cooktop when the electricity goes out here. Which it just did for 4 days. Works great. Although you wouldn't like it because some grounds get into the coffee. I don't mind chewing mine. I like it that dark. LOL. Probably not so good for camping because it's glass. I've actually got a metal one in storage, though. Thanks guys. As always I I joy your blog and videos.