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Sun dolphin journey 10 ss kayak review

Sun dolphin journey 10 ss Kayak review

When Charles and I first bought our Ozark property next to the Black river, we wanted a good way to get out on to the water and were growing bored with fishing from the banks. We started doing research on several boat options including canoes and John boats, but ultimately came to the decision that our own personal Kayaks would be the best option. Not only would we have our own personal boats to go where ever we wanted on the river or lakes, but we would have a vehicle that’s light weight and easy to transport and maneuver!
There are hundreds of kayaks out their which can cost up to $2000.00 per boat! Considering that those prices were far from our budget, we had to seek out the best of the cheaper models. And believe it or not, we found our answer while walking through the fishing section at Walmart!
The sun dolphin journey 10 ss
sun dolphin journey 10 ss kayak review. Tiny house kayak review
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The Journey 10 ss is a 10 foot, sit-on fishing kayak. This kayak is super lightweight (under 40 pounds), made from high-density, uv-stabilized polyethylene to with stand rapid waters and can easily handle a few good sized rocks. The kayak comes with a collapsible paddle and features a large seating area with adjustable foot braces, cushioned knee pads and a back rest. Built in features include…
·       2 inset fishing rod holders behind the seat
·       1 swivel fishing rod holder in front set, between knee position
·       Cup holder
·       2 side storage panels
·       Removable back storage, water tight container (bungies in and can be removed and used as a tow behind)
·       Bungied front storage
·       Built in handles on front and rear to easily carry
All of these features come stock with the basic model… The price? $299.00!!!
With that price and all the specs, it was a no-brainer, we had to get them.

Now for the review…

I’ve seen 1 too many you tube videos where someone takes this kayak out onto the water and gives it literally 3 seconds until they say…. “Oh no!!! It’s so shaky!!!” really? 3 seconds? You should pay no mind to those reviews. Chances are these people automatically think it’s not a good product because they didn’t spend a thousand dollars on it in the first place!
Though Charles had had some experience on boats, I had never been on a kayak or canoe and was quite nervous before taking this out on the water. My first 20 seconds were a little bit shaky, figuring out firstly, how to get in the boat and push it off the shore onto the water and secondly, finding my center of gravity (5 seconds of my time). After which, I (an inexperienced boater), could automatically tell this boat was stable and that I wouldn’t have any problems on the water. The sun dolphin easily tracks the water with grace. It is stable and not shaky or wobbley at all! With the paddle provide I could easily cover ground at nice speeds and even paddle the kayak backwards and in circular formations, my first time on the boat.
I found that the positions of the pole holders worked perfectly. The 2 rear pole holders are great for trolling and the front swivel pole holder allows you to rest your rod and position it at any angle without having to move the boat. The bungie cords on the front and back are great for strapping in fishing gear and vests without risking them falling into the water. The side pockets allow for storage of small tackle boxes, flashlight or water safe containers. Theirs actually a cup holder and water bottle holder which allows for storing plenty of water for hydration. The rear water tight storage container comes out of the boat and can tow behind to allow extra storage inside, room enough for a cooler or pick neck basket.
For over a year of constant use, and being stored outside in snow and ice, the boats have held up perfectly fine. The only real wear and tear is on the provided paddles, new ones will probably be needed after a little more time.
We’ve made several customization's to the kayaks both for appearance and functionality. Our boats both have custom decals on them so we can tell them apart. Charles has zombie response and bloody hand prints on his and I have nightmare before Christmas decals on mine lol. We have also added extra cat eye mounts onto the boats for clip on gear. We both have sliding anchors on the sides, made with Para cord. We also made Para cord leashes for the paddles and rods to insure they won’t be lost. The biggest thing done is that Charles has made outriggers for the boats out of PVC pipe and floats so that we can stand on the boats to fish if we like.

There is honestly only one con I can think of. The kayaks track great, however, once you stop moving and you’re on still water, the boats will turn and rotate with the wind. It’s not really a huge problem, just more of an annoyance. With that said, this problem will be fixed shortly, simply by buying some skegs online, which only run a couple dollars.

In conclusion….
Don’t kid yourself people! You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on a kayak to have lots of fun, in fact, all you really have to spend is $299 to have an awesome kayak with tons of great features! These boats have been so much fun and have really helped us on our fishing game!
Here is a great video reviews of our kayaks…

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