Saturday, March 26, 2016

Tiny house tour: 4 days in our tiny cabin in the woods

Last weekend, Charles and I went down to the cabin for 4 days as a pre-summer visit. We've gotten the cabin to the point where its actually comfortable to stay in for longer periods of time (remember, we are still in the process of finishing the interior). 
During our stay, we completed several projects. We took out the "L" shape of the kitchen counter and instead, stretched it across the back wall. This actually provides much more counter space and opens the space up, making it more inviting and cozy. We also FINALLY in-set the kitchen sink which is a re-purposed enamel bowl that we found at a thrift store, we've discussed it in this blog article. To finish off the basics of the kitchen area, Charles cut and installed really cool slate slabs for the cook top area to provide fire safety and also for just how awesome it looks!

Before we go any further, please take a minute to watch our video below. It show cases every project we got done and has some really cool fishing footage. Just click play!!


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In between all of our kitchen projects, we spent our time watching movies on the mac-book, which was powered totally off solar energy. We listened to music on a ham radio. We played cards, walked Frostbite around the mountain and also cooked several meals on the alcohol stoves.
On our last day at the cabin, we packed up all our fishing gear and headed down the road to our river access. The Missouri Black river is the most amazing spot I've ever been for fishing! As soon as we threw in our lines we were catching fish. I landed a beautiful channel catfish, several bass including a hybrid with orange eyes, and a mystery fish that I couldn't land. Charles caught several large-mouth bass, some smallies, and a couple sucker fish! ( I still don't know how he landed suckers?!)
Our trip was a success, both in completing projects, and having a Blast!

Here are some photographs of our stay
Tiny house kitchen counter top made of re-purposed wood pallets.
The redesigned kitchen counter
Tiny House slate counter top
Slate top
Tiny house re-purposed kitchen sink
The enamel sink bowl
tiny house fishing; Bass
Charlies monster bass
tiny house fishing; bass
My orange eyed beast

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