Monday, April 25, 2016

Review of the Champion generator 1500 and 4000 watt

                                            The Champion Generator
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     One of the first major investment that Charles and I made when we first started our off grid tiny house was the Champion 1500 watt generator. So, in this review, I'll be talking about the results we get from the 1500 model and what you can expect from the 4000.
     Ill start with Durability. This thing is a beast! We have had this generator for almost 2 years and used it almost every weekend in that 2 years. Its been banged around, lugged from tiny house to city house, and run dry over and over. The spark plugs have yet to be changed and we haven't bothered with cleaning the filter. We have pretty much treated this thing like crap! But, despite our abuse and neglect, it continues to run like a champ and power almost all of our tiny house needs when solar isn't enough!
     Power tools are easy for the Champion 1500 to run, we've used many of them. We have ran circular saws, jig saws, drills, shop vacs, sanders, and a lot more while doing construction on the tiny house, and we haven't found 1 that the Champion couldn't handle. Were at the point now, however, where construction isn't the MAIN thing were using the generator for. We've come to the point where, although construction isn't done, were spending more time hanging out and enjoying the small space. The Champion powers our window air conditioning unit and runs a trickle charger for the batteries during cloudy days. The 1500 watt gives 4-5 hours of air conditioning on a single tank, its safe to say that the 4000 probably doubles that.
     On noise level, this ones pretty quiet. If your standing right next to it, its loud of course, but 15 feet away reduces to a light background hum, and inside the house isn't heard. A tip; If you can find a cheap dog house craigslist or build one your self, it makes the perfect tiny tiny generator house and reduces noise level even more.
     For the low cost and portability of this generator, it has surely won us over and continues to deliver!
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