Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Tiny house weekend vacation

                   Here is a quick video post of our stay at the tiny house this weekend.

     Charles and I stayed for a short visit this time at our tiny house in the ozarks of Missouri. We spent one night and two days. This trip was simply to get away; to get out of the city and away from the drama to enjoy the summer weather. We played around with starting a camp fire using a magnesium fire starter and hung a hammock in the woods. We made sure to head down to Black river and get in some fishing! Charles caught a huge walleye and I caught a nice orange eyed bass. I should also mention that our husky (frostbite) enjoyed her stay as well. she got to play in the woods and mark her territory, she and we ate the fish Charles caught (she loved it), and she got to relax in her favorite spot in the world! Even tho it was a short stay, the sun and activities whipped us out! We were exhausted on the way home and had to fight to keep each other awake. This was a fun little tiny house week end!
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