Monday, July 17, 2017

Metal Detecting my FIRST PERMISSION ever! Using the Garrett Ace 200

It had been a while since I took my detector out for a spin, so I decided to go out on a hunt in rural Missouri to obtain my first permission. After some scary door-knocking, I finally got it! The owner said the main house was at least 125 years old and had three barns and a lake on the property. I used my Garrett Ace 200 metal detector in this video along with a pin pointer, a new hand shovel and a medium size foot shovel. I swung the detector around the barns and an old blacksmith shop and was hitting all of the iron tones, chatter and choppy signals. I found several old iron relics including a possible peace to old horse reins. I did not find any old silver coins or civil war relics and most of what I did find is unknown to me so I encourage you to leave some comments below and let me know your thoughts!
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