Sunday, August 20, 2017

Chad and Falenia's Tiny house delivery!

Chad and Falenia’s tiny house delivery. In this video, Charles and Jon walk around the mountain to help Chad and Falenia launch their own tiny house homestead project. The video starts out with the walk to their property and giving them a morning greeting. Then some work needs to get done clearing the land to make room for their 12’x 40’ tiny house. The tiny house is a shed/cabin conversion into a tiny house, similar to what Jon and Charles are also in the progress of doing. Chad and Falenia have purchased a few acres on top of the same mountain as Jon and Charles and they also plan on being completely off the grid. Their future plans consist of rain water collection system, wood heat, solar power, composting toilet and all around homesteading. Besides the basics that goes along with a subsistence lifestyle they also have plans in the works for a 4 season green house and some live stock. Much more will come as we follow their tiny house journey, which they affectionately named “Our Homestead Project”. When asked what her dreams are Falenia had this to say; “Our dream for the homestead.. We want to build a home and small farm that are fully self-sustaining. A place that will grow and flourish in to a beautiful home that our kids and their families can come to and enjoy. A home that doesn't just take away from our natural resources, but actually gives back to them”.

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