Monday, September 4, 2017

Dickinson wood stove install in a tiny house part 4: Our first burn!

Dickinson Newport solid fuel heater part 4. In this video Jon and Charles do the final part of the install on their Dickinson stove to make their tiny house one step closer to completely off the grid. Having the ability to utilize the natural resources to heat their tiny home will make the cabin that much more self sufficient in a grid down situation. No longer will they need to rely on propane for heat. Coupled with solar power, wood heat and a soon to be rain water collection system, the cabin is slowly becoming completely self sustainable. After the install was complete, they did a test burn and the chimney was drafting properly and no smoke was present at the cap, which is an indication the stove is burning clean. Eventually, they may add a 1 inch shim behind the stove to knock out what little bit of slant is left in the stack but for now the fire box is working and is pretty amazing for such a small fireplace.
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  1. That was excruciating to watch, lol. I bet you guys were tired and hurting after that! Looks great though! Very nice and aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. Great job guys!

    1. P.S. Yes, get that Carbon Monoxide Alarm! We have one in both of our houses. Would never go without one again. Stay safe!