Sunday, September 3, 2017

Fishing at the worst time of day... in the summer.

     In this video, per subscriber request, Charles sets out to make a fishing video. Unfortunately, the conditions were not the best. It was the end of summer, middle of the afternoon and on a high pressured lake. Despite this, Charles manages to catch a couple fish and take some time to show ya how he ties an improved clench knot. He also talks a little bit about the types of cover he looks for when fishing a small pond that has a lot of pressure.  As temperatures start to cool off, and we get closer to trout and walleye season, you can expect more livelier fishing videos to come.... Considering  Charles had the luck he did today, if e would have gotten on the water at 6 am or waited till after 6pm.... it probably would have been a slamming day of fishing.... Remember, in the summer and fall the fish are gonna be pushed up in the shallows, near lilies, tall grass, holding on ledges, logs and rocks. They are looking for cover from the sun and the hotter it is, the more likely they will be stacked in or near vegetation. The reason for this is because the vegetation provides more oxygen in the water and the fish has to use less energy to breath....
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