Friday, September 8, 2017

Top 5 Tiny House Mistakes

Top 5 Tiny House Mistakes

Welcome to another episode from Our Tiny Cabin Project. There comes a time in any project where you reflect on all of the hard work that you’ve done to get where you are. During that process of reflection you realize the things that have gone wrong or could have been done completely different. Charles and I have reached that point and have decided to share our Top 5 Tiny House Mistakes.

1) Not capping the tin roof! When a tin roof is installed on a building, the design creates grooves or tunnel like ridges that create space between the tin roof and the wood under it. We learned real quick that it was a major problem with wasps! The wasps would crawl up the ridges and find the smallest cracks to enter into the cabin. We had several occasions where we went inside only to be greeted by 40+ wasps on the ceiling. To solve this issue, we used spray foam to fill in every ridge and crack. This was extremely time consuming and made a big mess to clean up. If you get a tin roof, opt for the end caps!

2) Not insulating the floors. In the name of saving money, we also opted not to insulate the floors. With our cabin lifted on blocks wind is able to easily pass through under the cabin and create a freezing cold draft, which makes it harder to keep the cabin heated in the winter months. Our solution for this will be to insulate skirting to install around the cabin and block the air flow. This may be no surprise but it would have been cheaper to insulate the floors!

3) Kitchen placement… In our design of the interior, we placed the kitchen and cooking area against the back wall of the cabin. While this may look good, we soon realized that ventilation is a problem as we use unconventional butane and propane powered devices that require ventilation, especially in small areas. We should have built the kitchen near a window, pretty much on the opposite side of our cabin. To fix this problem, well have to install a vent that pushes the air to the outside.

4) The loft! We have a barn style roof which is super cute, but not head space friendly at all! Our mistake was not installing dormers to open up the space and make more head room. The solution? Well that ones a surprise and you'll have to subscribe to our you tube channel and stay tuned to find out!

5) Our choice of solar. When we first started this project, we were not very educated on solar power and thought that the harbor freight 45 watt set up was a great deal. What we found out is that its really only strong enough to push the lights and 1 or 2 small low power devices. Latter on in the project, we purchased the Rynogy 100 watt panels and that have worked great to boost our solar. We will end up purchasing another and bumping up our battery bank with stronger batteries.
Well there you have it! Hopefully you enjoyed this post and it helps you in preventing some of these newbie mistakes.

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  1. The other thing about skirting your house, it is good to do in order to keep leaves and other flamables from getting under there and burning your house from the inside out in case of a forest fire.

    1. Thats a valid point and one that I hadnt really thought of. We will make sure to rake up all of the leafs and sticks before putting up the skirting. Thank you👍

  2. It would be nice if you went more deeply into your solar setup. Prices, sources et al. really looking forward to that.

    by the way, this might help someone out with floor builds on that insulation - Best Small House Floor Plans<