Sunday, November 19, 2017

Backpacking fishing rod from amazon and trout secrets!

In this video Charles test out his new backpacking fishing rod that he bought on amazon. It is one of those unfamiliar brands, probably mass produced in china affordable a ridiculous cheap price. The brand is called Supertrip. He has the rod rigged with a Pflueger Summit reel and 4 pound mono. The bait are pink and white mice tails, or as some call, an egg sucking leech pattern. During the testing of this combo Charles gives away his secret tip on fishing high pressured trout parks. Using the trick he describes in the video you will catch about 80 percent more fish than anyone else on the lake that day. It is simple, cheap and effective at putting rainbow trout into your net! We hope you enjoy the video and subscribe to check out our Tiny House, fishing, kayaking, prepping and other adventures! 
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