Sunday, December 17, 2017

Vacuum sealing ammunition and guns for long term storage

Vacuum sealing ammunition and firearms. In this video Charles takes a moment to talk about an, easy, affordable and added measure you can take to ensure an extra level of protection for you prepping investment. **We are not held responsible for upset wives when you  hijack her favorite kitchen gadget!** Vac packing ammo and firearms is a great way to protect your investment for long term storage, for field use or SHTF storage situations. It will keep your ammo air and water tight so that you can have extra piece of mind that your ammo will stay dry and protected. Some folks argue that modern day ammo can sit on the shelf for 25 years or more… That’s great, and probably true, but that is not what we are talking about. If it were, I then ask you, why does the military also vac pack ammo in battle packs? Are we gonna be running off to the front lines or be a masterful zombie slayer, probably not. What vac packing does ensures that you can keep ammo dry in your: back packs, boat, buried cashes, in your safe or ammo can and dry in your basement. Floods happen, rain happens, people drop things off boats, humidity happens etc etc. We hope you find this little survival hack useful and we would love to hear of any creative uses you may have come up with using a vac pack machine. Leave a comment of some of the items you have vac packed!
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