Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Charcoal in the Dickinson heater: Fall at the tiny house

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In this video Charles talks about the Dickinson Newport
solid fuel heater. This is a  multi-fuel
stove that can burn wood, pellets, presto logs, coal and yes charcoal to heat
up small spaces. Originally designed for luxury boats Dickinson slowly has been
carving a niche into the tiny house community. Jon and Charles did not like the
idea of propane as a fuel source but were very interested in the renewable
energy possibilities that were provided by this unique, micro wood stove. Also,
in the video Charles does some scouting around the property to make way for
fall activates and prospect new areas that could prove well for mother nature
to provide. If you have not already look at the entire inhalation series of the
Dickinson stove or feel free to binge watch Charles and Jon convert a small
shed into an affordable, off the grid, micro tiny home. Hidden off in the boot
hills of the Missouri Ozarks, you know its going to be an adventure.     

Friday, August 3, 2018

Weather proof Walmart tent?

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   Rain proofing a Walmart tent. In this video Jon and Charles take a few moments to show you how to put up the Ozark Trail Tipi tent and how to weather proof it. Weather proofing a tent is a great idea to extend the seasonal use and its overall life as well. The sealer adds a layer of UV protection to the tent, besides just protecting you and your gear from the elements. A couple cans of scotch guard can easily put any cheap tent up in the league of those high dollar name brand ones... Well maybe not, but for the price, ya cant complain.

If your considering getting this tent for a holiday gift or birthday present for a loved one who is an outdoors enthusiast, you can check out our comprehensive look at the tent here
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Monday, July 23, 2018

8x16' tiny house: TOTALLY OFF GRID!

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A micro tiny house, totally off the grid. In this episode Jon and Charles have recovered from their series of unfortunate events and have finally made it back down to their micro tiny house located on top of an Ozark mountain. When they arrived to their cabin, in an undisclosed location, they find out that they have some unwanted house guests that need to be dealt with. Charles also does a quick walk around to check to see how the recent work they had done is holding up. Most importantly was to see if their off grid water experiment worked out or failed

Sunday, July 15, 2018

The CRV lives!!! and giant tomatos guarded by angery ninja chickens

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   The CR-V lives and giant tomatoes that are protected by angry ninja chickens. In this video Charles does a quick updated on how the urban, city, homestead is doing and shares some exciting news. Pretty soon there will be a plethora of new tiny house videos because the CR-V is up and running, $1,200. Later. Sigh, either way Jon and Charles are excited to be able to get down to their remote, off the grid, Ozark property and film some new tiny house videos. Some questions to be answered on the next visit down? 1. Did the creeper cover the entire side of the cabin? 2. Has anything make a home in the chimney flut? 3. Is the rain barrel full or did their experiment not work? 4. Has the cabin been invaded by Japanese beetles again? 5. Are the blinds and stands still up? So hit that subscribe button and stay tuned because the adventure is well underway!

Sunday, July 8, 2018

Ozark Trail Tipi tent: Our tiny houses guest house!

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The Ozark Trail Tipi tent! In this video Jon gives you the run down of the Ozark Trail 7 person tipi. The main idea for the use of this tent is it will serve as a guest house down at the tiny house, off the grid, in the Ozarks of Missouri. They could not have thought of a more fitting brand of a tipi, for on top of an Ozark mountain, other than the Ozark Trail 7 person Tipi! Jon and Charles are not sponsored by Ozark Trail but they do appreciate the budget, quality camping gear that they bring you and this tent is no exception to the outstanding quality that Ozark Trial provides.

Sunday, June 17, 2018

6 foot tomatoes and WHAT'S GOING ON WITH THE TINY HOUSE?

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6 foot tomatos and Whats GOING ON WITH THE TINY HOUSE? In this video Charles gives a run down on the progress that the urban garden has made in just the past 2 week since the last video! Be sure to take special note of the zombie, giant, tomato plants that are as tall as Charles. He also talks about the problems Princess Lay-uh has been causing with the other chickens. Meanwhile, during this urban home stead update, Charles also talks about a series of event that has direct impact on the progress of their off the grid tiny house, down in the Ozarks. With the progress of the garden, the temporary hold on the tiny house and ever changing adventures Charles and Jon partake… Subscribe now to be a part of their story! As always, thanks for watching

Saturday, June 2, 2018

The Start of Our Urban Homestead

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   In this video Charles takes a closer look at their start to a urban homestead. Trying to incorporate self-subsistence into every part of their daily routines until Jon and Charles can break free from the daily grind and bugger off to the tiny house forever. In this episode Charles talks about the start of the garden for 2018 and checks in on the chickens. Subscribe to follow us on all our adventures and share the video to help us grow! As always, thanks for watching.

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Late spring mushrooms and attacked by a lizard!


   In this video Jon and Charles set out on a late spring adventure, in the hopes of finding some black morel mushrooms. On their adventure they make a few new friends out of a toad and a lizard. They also discover several different species of mushrooms, both edible and non. Be sure to subscribe to keep up with their journeys off the grid and tiny! Thanks for watching

Saturday, May 26, 2018

Dryad's Saddle, we found a huge patch!

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   In this video Jon and Charles head out into the woods in the hopes to find some Dryad's Saddle, aka Pheasants Back, and some Morel mushrooms. In the search for local wold edibles they stumble upon a huge patch of Dryad's Saddle and a few more Morchella nom noms.

Monday, May 21, 2018

Harvesting back yard for wild red clover!

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   In this video Charles and Jon set out on an adventure in the back yard of their city homestead. Urban foraging can be done right in your own back yard. What most people do not realize is that there is, most likely, already food growing in your back yard. In this episode they are on the search for the abundant red clover. Red clover has been used for centuries as a medicinal herb, as well as staple in salads and teas. The red clover is full of vitamins and nutrients and the best part of that is that is already growing less than 10 feet from your front door, in most cases. We hope you enjoy the video! Make sure to subscribe to stay tuned and please share our videos on social media!

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Lew's Tele Speed Rod. Micro telescopic backpack rod!

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In this video Charles does a review of the Lews Tele Speed telescopic rod. He manages to catch a few small fish and give the rod a tone of casts. Despite there being no impressive fish he is still able to give his opinion of the rod after his time spent with it on the water. I am sure a lot of you have seen the Lew's Telespeed on the shelves at Walmart for 20 bucks! I am sure a bunch of you have all stopped, looked and said "Hmmmmm, is this thing junk?" and then kept walking right on because you just didnt wanna drop the 20 bucks on it. Watch this video to the end to get Charles first impression of this new rod!

Friday, May 11, 2018

Easy DIY rain collection system on a micro tiny house.

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In this video Jon and Charles discuss the further adventures into the realms of off the gridness by adding the world most simple rain water collection system for their off the grid micro tiny house. Considering their micro cabin in the Ozarks of their weekend place, a 55 gallon drum will provide them with enough water between visits and rain to take care of their needs. Charles also discusses some future modifications to the tiny house and also talks about the Indian Trail Tree on their property.

Monday, May 7, 2018

Spring Has Sprung at the Tiny House!

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Spring has arrived, finally, to the Ozarks of Missouri. Jon and Charles head down to the micro tiny cabin in the woods for a fun off the grid weekend. In this video, they do some exploring on their property, taking a break from installing the rain water collection system. Subscribe so you can keep up with Jon and Charles on all their tiny house, off the grid, outdoor adventures!

Sunday, April 29, 2018

Foraging For Morel Mushrooms

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Searching for Morel Mushrooms! In this video Jon goes on an expedition in search of that elusive spring delicacy, the Morel mushroom. Searching high and low for that amazing taste of spring Jon manages to find him self quite the bounty of fresh shrooms on his first hunt of 2018.

Sunday, April 15, 2018

2000 Subscriber Giveaway: Win a Tiny House on Wheels!

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2000 subscriber giveaway! In this video Charles announces the
winner of the last giveaway (Dean’s Off Grid Project’s) and announces their newest
giveaway. A tiny house on wheels! That’s right, a THOW! Seriously? Is it click
bait? Have Jon and Charles lost their minds for such an awesome giveaway prize?
You will have to watch the video to get the full details. The easy break down
on how to enter to win: 1. Subscribe, 2. Like this video, 3. Comment so we know
you have done the first 2 things. When we hit 2k subscribers, we will hold the
drawing for the tiny house on wheels. We will be using  an auto picker to choose the winner. So, it is
really important you do ALL 3 or the computer can’t find your entry.  As always, thanks for watching and GOOD LUCK!

Monday, March 26, 2018

The easy way to install off grid electric in a tiny house or cabin.

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Easy way in install off the grid electric. In this video Jon and Charles show you how they, effectively, installed electric into their off the grid tiny house. Their cabin is 100% off the grid, solar powered but also has the ability to hook up to a generator. Having a cabin that is wired for solar power, or that can easily accept power from a generator allows them to have a more comfortable stay when off the grid and have several options for power. It also lowers the monthly cost of maintaining the property dude to the fact there is absolutely no electric bill.

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Masks that wont break the bank

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  In this video Charles talks about mask that are easy to get that wont break the bank. Rest assured that you can BREATH EASY knowing you got a quality mask for next to nothing. In this video Charles covers the GP5 Russian mask and the Israeli Civilian. The Gp5 can be had for roughly 11 dollars. For that price you should expect to get a mask, a arry bag and a few old canisters. The Israeli mas has been going up in price, given recent events, and you will be looking to spend, roughly around 30 to 40 dollars. For this price you should expect to get; the mask, a drinking straw and an old canister.  As it goes with anything the newer in production the mask, the more its going to cost. The same thing can be said for the canisters. ABEKP3 filters, Nato filters will fit the Israeli mask and some say the ABECK filters will fit the Gp5. Though both mask are 40mm, the Gp5 has Gost threading and Nato has a standard. With this in mind canisters are not exactly interchangeable, sort of...  Polish cans will fit both masks ans some say ABEKP3 cans will also do the same. However, most Nato canisters will not fit the GP5. When it comes to buying canisters common sense must play apart... The older the filter, the less protection is in order. But, hey, it beats a milk soaked dew rag. In date canisters you can spend upwards to 40 to 60 bucks a can, whereas ones just a few years old past expired date can be had for  around 12 bucks. Take into consideration how the cans are stored, are they; vac packed in mylar,  are they in a sealed box, are they loose with a suspicious looking sticker or do they have nothing at all.  A properly sealed air tight can should be good indefinitely... but again the only way you can be sure is to have one in date.

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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Harvesting fresh eggs: From backyard chickens.

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In this video we take a look at the daily care and routine of keeping back yard chickens. Jon goes over how to feed and water and what type of foods are used. Jon was also able to collect four eggs from the coup and make a super fresh scrambled egg breakfast. This video should provide some knowledge and input on how to care for your back yard chickens and get you off to a great start. Any relative cost to chickens is going to be with your initial purchases and your chickens will more than pay for them self's in no time. Thank you for watching! make sure to subscribe and stay tuned for all of our future content.
Check out our video on the benefits of backyard chickens here

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Backyard Chickens! The benefits of raising them.

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   Backyard chickens, yes you heard it right, In this video Jon gives you  an update on how the urban homestead is doing with the newly added chickens. After about 8 months  the chickens finally started producing  eggs. Above and beyond the obvious benefits of  raising chickens , Jon goes into several benefits that are often over looked. For both you and the chicken.

  If you would like to see the video on the day we set up the coup and got the chickens check out this video

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Sunday, February 25, 2018

Strobeforce D-Tac 1000 Gear Review Coming Soon!

This is my friend Fergus Fausto​ youtube channel lots of great stuff to learn here! Highly recommend his channel. Our Tiny Cabin Project on youtube will be having him on as a live guest in the next week or so. Subscribe to both to not miss out!

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Tiny house food storage

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In this video Charles heads out to a winter weekend out at the tiny house only to discover that some of the food that was out there had been ruined. This brings up a good question as to how to store food in a weekend home and keep it safe to eat.

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

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Sunday, February 4, 2018

Dickinson solid fuel stove, how it works.

  Dickinson Newport Solid Fuel Heater, in this video Charles
gives a run down on how this stove operates and the easiest way he has found to
get a blazing hot fire cookin in it. Starting out with a basic overview of the
stoves viewing screen, damper controls, removable ash tray, he then moves into
making the fire bed, fire starter and air control to get that perfect burn. For
the fire bed he uses sever pieces of wood, about the thickness of a finger and
positions them inside the Dickinson stoves fire box in the shape of a teepee.
Then underneath that teepee he places an esbit fuel fire starter. This is the
easiest way to start your fire bed and at the same time warm up your chimney, to
prevent smoke back drafting into you tiny house. Once the fire bed has started
to turn into coals, Charles then adds a nice thick chunk of wood. He has found
that pieces about as tick as your wrist and about 3 to 4 inches in length work
the best. This wood stove is pretty easy to over fuel. With this in
consideration it is best to start off slow and work you way up in temperature to
find out exactly what your set up can handle safely. If you are interested in
how this stove was installed, subscribe so you can see the entire installation
series. If you have any further questions, drop them in the comments below!
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Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Started our tiny house with only $600. Including cost of land!

A tiny house for under $10,000? Yup, that is right! In this video  Charles talks about how he and Jon started their tiny house adventure with only $600, including the cost of the land! Charles goes into detail on how they accomplished this task and the stages they did it. After seeing many blogs, and threads, complaining at the outrageous costs of the tiny homes today, he decided to  make this video.  He wanted to show that it is still possible to get a tiny house built with basic construction skills. And, how to do it at a cost that could fit just about any budget.
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Sunday, January 21, 2018

What camera do we use to make youtube videos?

What cameras do we use to make YouTube videos? In this Charles
talks about what equipment he and Jon use during filming. He talks about Gopro’s,
Chinese action cameras, point and shoot cameras and DLSR cameras. If you have
any questions, more specific, on any of the items, just ask in the comment
section below. If you are curious about the video comparison between the Gopro
and the knock off action camera, here is the link to check out that video.

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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Tiny house

Welcome Youtubers! Our channel has evolved since we started and continues to do so as it grows. Originally, we started with showcasing our off the grid tiny house build and then started to expanded our content. This play list is ALL OF OUR TINY HOUSE VIDEOS!!! Sit back, grab some popcorn and binge like your on Netflix! Our channel has evolved into an outdoors enthusiast channel, with focus on preparedness and self-sustainability, so when your done with these, pop over smash that subscribe button and enjoy the rest of our content. We have all the videos categorized, by genre, in playlists to make it easier for you to follow the content that you are most interested in learning more about. Content ranges from: tiny house tours, DIY, fishing, prepping, solar power, product and gear reviews, metal detecting, kayaking, cooking and wild edibles. We respond to every comment and sometimes make viewer suggested videos! So, please: comment, subscribe, hit that lil bell and join us on this journey! Thanks for watching! - Jon & Charles
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Dickinson Wood Stove install into a tiny house

In this collection of 6 videos we show you the process we took installing the Dickinson Newport Solid fuel wood stove into our micro tiny cabin. Dickinson has many versions of their heaters for example; Diesel Fuel heaters, Propane heater and the Solid Fuel heaters. We elected the solid fuel heater because we wanted to be completely off grid. The video series covers the problems we ran into, our creative solutions and modifications. Subscribe because more comprehensive overviews will be coming in the future such as; what solid fuels work best, the how to's of how the stove works and more modifications are sure to come as our off the grid tiny house is ever changing. Thanks again for watching and hitting that subscribe button!
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Monday, January 8, 2018

How To Tie an Adams Dry Fly Variant

In this video Charles ties a variation to an age old classic dry fly, the Adams.
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Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Finishing the Dickinson wood stove, walls, solar mods and more.

Rising the walls, framing the windows and finishing off the wood stove! In this video Jon and Charles head down to the cabin for a weekend getaway. With a much needed break from St. Louis city life they needed an escape from the craziness going on. Although, the break from the city was needed most of this trip was spend completing long overdue work on the cabin. They got the last 4 panels of the walls up and the windows framed out. They shimmed the Dickinson Newport Solid fuel stove off the wall and added some flashing behind it. They also moved the battery bank out of the cabin and put it under the tiny house. While working on the solar system they discovered the Harbor Freight system had failed and fried. They decided to just un hook the system and solely run their Renogy system. This was a prime example of why it’s a good idea to have your solar system split into two systems because if something break, which it will, you are not reliant on the generator for the entire weekend. If you want to check out the entire stove install process check out these videos.
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Dickinson Chimney fix random edit
Dickinson wood stove part 4
Dickinson wood stove part 3
Dickinson wood stove part 2
Dickinson wood stove part 1

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Monday, January 1, 2018

Building a teepee at the tiny house!

In this video Charles and Jon decided to get out of the city for a few days to bring in the new year off the grid. Over the weekend they started construction of a 15 foot Teepee, tested out their new cooker, played cards, danced, made a bonfire and did what boys will do when left to themselves in the woods..
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