Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Finishing the Dickinson wood stove, walls, solar mods and more.

Rising the walls, framing the windows and finishing off the wood stove! In this video Jon and Charles head down to the cabin for a weekend getaway. With a much needed break from St. Louis city life they needed an escape from the craziness going on. Although, the break from the city was needed most of this trip was spend completing long overdue work on the cabin. They got the last 4 panels of the walls up and the windows framed out. They shimmed the Dickinson Newport Solid fuel stove off the wall and added some flashing behind it. They also moved the battery bank out of the cabin and put it under the tiny house. While working on the solar system they discovered the Harbor Freight system had failed and fried. They decided to just un hook the system and solely run their Renogy system. This was a prime example of why it’s a good idea to have your solar system split into two systems because if something break, which it will, you are not reliant on the generator for the entire weekend. If you want to check out the entire stove install process check out these videos.
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Dickinson Chimney fix random edit
Dickinson wood stove part 4
Dickinson wood stove part 3
Dickinson wood stove part 2
Dickinson wood stove part 1

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