Monday, February 18, 2019

Thriftin 2: The Inevitable Sequel!

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Thrifting 2: The Inevitable Sequel. In this video Charles and Jon brave the harsh weather conditions of the sub-arctic climate of the Midwest to bring you treasures from a mid-century modern time that was lost and forgotten. Their journey begins sifting through aisles of dust and decay to find that one shiny object they cannot live without. After all, who doesn’t like shiny things? Right? After hours of treasure hunting Jon and Charles decide they need sustenance and make do for a 5-star dinning experience. After their four-course meal they muster up their antiquities and head to their booth of treasures at the Manhattan Antique Market Place, booth 814. This is where the relics will last until discovered by someone who can take the time to appreciate the history of the item that another individual perceived as lack luster junk. If you missed our last adventure when we discovered a lot of the stuff in our booth check out this video,
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Sunday, February 10, 2019

Thrift Store Finds and Flips: Finding Unwanted Treasures

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In this video, Charles and Jon are filling their time, and wallets, by hunting for the latest thrift store relic they can find to turn into profit. One of the many ways the boys help finance their off grid tiny house is by having a hobby that is also a lucrative side venture. Follow Charles and Jon on their adventure as they scavenge the vast regions of the concrete treasure troves of suburbia.