Monday, July 29, 2019

Off Grid Bug Zapper:And Some Other New Features to The Cabin

In this video Charles and Jon are back at their micro tiny house, from their snorkeling adventure at the lake. Charles takes a moment to describe a few new features to their little off grid cabin. One, is a stellar, vintage, water cooler. A must needed piece, giving the harsh summers of the Missouri Ozarks. Another nifty little gadget Charles found is his off the grid bug zapper.... yes, you read that right bug zapper.  As always please subscribe and hit that little bell so you can stay notified #tinyhouse

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

First Weekend back at the Tiny house Without Frostbite: Off grid in the ...

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In this video Jon and Charles head back to the off grid tiny house, This is their first visit back after loosing Princess Frostbite. The boys talk about whats been going on out at the tiny house and in the city. They decide to have some fun and go mushroom picking and then take you underwater for some Ozark snorkeling, as they swim with the fishes.