Tiny House Hate crime

A Tiny House Hate crime: Gay tiny house owners attacked by hateful Neo Nazi for being Gay in a tiny house!

     When me and Charles first started our journey with the tiny house, we expected to run into some of the usual problems that can happen when working on a tiny home. We were worried about the delivery, if everything would go as planed, transporting the tiny house up to the mountain and leveling it onto the edge of a very steep hill. We were also concerned with everything that involved construction (operating power tools, using sharp blades, getting proper measurements and so on). Most of all, we were worried about the solar power and wiring the electricity for the tiny house, if done wrong we could have seriously gotten hurt. What we were not worried about was being attacked and  having someone destroy our property for being a gay couple. Especially in the 21st century. That's exactly what happened! What implicated this was hate motivate? 1. People cover in swastika's have history of hate crimes. 2. The cops agreed. 3. Neighbors reported him hollering explicit words as he pumped shot gun holes into the house.
Bullet holes in a tiny house

     Our tiny house had been delivered to our property and leveled out on cinder blocks. We spent our first weekend there, in the cold, with no electricity, plumbing or heat. We were so excited to get the tiny house project started! We came home on Monday and were planning to gather some building materials and head out the very next weekend, and we did. The Midwest was getting hit by a blizzard (ice mixed with snow) and driving conditions were poor. Charles had invested in a 4x4 truck, we made it all the way to the mountain, but fortunately could not make the climb. We had to turn around and go all the way back home and this turned out to be a good thing, as it probably saved our live's! Two days later, we received a call from a friend, and the local police department, with news that some one had shot up our tiny house. They caused some pretty severe damage! A few days later, the man, whom I shouldn't name, was found and arrested for the crime.
Tiny house hate crime. tiny house owners attacked for being gay in a tiny house
A size comparison between the bullet hole and my fist.
       A week  latter, me and Charles met with the sheriff. We showed the officer where our property was and collected any evidence that could tie the suspect to the crime. The evidence was overwhelming. There was still snow on the ground but it was easy to find 6 or 7 shot gun shells just laying around. They were a perfect match to the ammo he had in his cabin and loaded in his gun. Our Tiny house had received 3 major gunshot wounds through the walls and two main windows shot out. Completely destroying the window frames. There were wax wedges from the shotgun casings inside the house (that also matched),
Tiny House hate crime. Gay tiny house owners attacked!
The window framing destroyed.
along with thousands of bb's covering every surface inside. It was a nightmare! Aside from the obvious holes in our walls, there were hundreds of tiny little bb imprints in the adjacent walls, some with bb's still in them that had to be removed from our walls.

A slim line between life and death

     I cant recall a single moment in my life where I had been so full of fear, hatred and anger. Even as time passes by and we continue with our tiny cabin project, its hard for me to believe that this crime really happened. The most haunting and chilling thought is to think about what would have happened if we were there. What if we gave the gas peddle one more push and got the truck up that mountain? Would this man still have shot up our tiny house? With us inside? That question will probably never be answered but what I can tell you is that we would have been severely injured! Think about that, our tiny
Tiny house HATE CRIME. Gay couple attacked by Neo Nazi
The windows were shattered
house is 116 square feet, including the loft. The gun shot through the walls and hit the other side of the house... The bb's ricocheted off the walls and made it all the way up to the loft. If me and Charles were inside, we would have been impaled, probably multiple times. Almost certainly we would have died. Thank God we weren't there.

     You may be asking your self, why would we go to a town or area where something like this could happen? The answer is that it is NOT the town, the area, or the majority of the people in it. It was one man, in a RANDOM place, holding up where he actually should not have been.  What people need to realize is that things like this still happen all over the world and all over the US for that matter. Anti-LGBT HATE is not a new thing. It is a thing that needs to be stopped. For those of you who think being gay is a choice- It's not! It is not a choice to be born man or woman, not a choice to be born African American, native American, or white! It certainly is not a choice to fall in love with a man (or a woman) and NEED to spend the rest of your life with them!
     What of the man who did this to us? He is in prison and hopefully will be for a long time. Has this crime stopped us from chasing our tiny house dreams? Absolutely not! Charles and I are still actively working to complete our tiny house that we named "The Classy Shack". We've actually gotten a lot done but still have even more to do. That is the purpose of this blog, to allow you into our life's and see all of the progress. We also plan on either building, or buying, a tumbleweed tiny house for travel. Although, that may be a couple of years down the road.
     Since the hate crime, we have tried reaching out and getting this story to major news broadcasters like fox2, channel 4 KMOV, channel 5, and ABC. None of them seem interested in broadcasting real stories or wanted to venture into the back woods. If there is one single message I want to get across, it is to embrace who you are (who ever you are), and to stand up for your rights as a human. Don't let people bully, hurt or force you to conform to whats "right" in this society. Be you and be proud of who you are. You are worth it!

     If you have time, you can also watch our tiny house hate crime video below


  1. So sorry this happened to you two. Nobody should have to put up with that kind of prejudice, turned violence. Congrats on your decision to push forward. Sweat dries, blood clots, bruises fade and walls can be patched. It will make your house more "custom". Hugs to you and may you have many happy years in your tiny "home".

    1. We put up a neat tin sign over one of the holes, a coat rack over the other and now have 2 nicer windows